Clearwater Beach Home Owners get City help battling Home Rentals

Clearwater Beach Florida | Home Owners Battle Rental Home Owners The Good: For years now snow birds and others could rent their Clearwater Beach luxury homes out. Home owners were usually renting their homes for a week at a time when they weren’t using them, particularly on North Clearwater Beach in the Mandalay and Carlouel neighborhoods. Clearwater Beach House Investments – Then & Now For example, in the late … Continued

Clearwater Beach FLorida to Sand Key to Island Estates – Jolley Trolley a Great Way to Go

Sand Key condos to Clearwater Beach strip to Island Estates waterfront homes- 33767 Update Clearwater Beach Florida – One of the best Tampa Beaches is Clearwater Beach and there’s no better way to get around than the Jolley Trolley. Clearwater Beach’s moving landmarks is the Jolley Trolley’s – these open aired Trolleys are a Fun and Economical way to get … Continued

Pool Homes in Clearwater FLorida | Real Estate Market Report for July 2007

Clearwater Real Estate ~ Info you need to Buy Pool Homes Many people moving to Clearwater and the Tampa Bay area are looking to enjoy our “Florida Lifestyle” – while many people enjoy living on Clearwater Beach quite a few chose other top Clearwater neighborhoods because of commutes to work, neighborhood ammenities or schools. Having a pool and a screened cage can often bring the outside in … Continued

Clearwater Florida Real Estate Market Report – Homes without Pools for July 2007

Clearwater Florida Real Estate Market Report – without Pools Let’s looks at what’s happening with Clearwater Florida Homes in today’s Home Buyer’s Real Estate Market. Clearwater Homes for sale                   Without Pool               With Pools           All Clearwater Homes  Number of Homes for sale (8-31-07)                 837                347                  1184 Number of Homes Sold (July 2007)                    45                  29                      74 … Continued