Clearwater Florida Home Buyers and Sellers should feel Feds Impact

Clearwater Florida home buyers and sellers enjoying a beautiful sunny September day today may not even realize that the Federal Open Market Committee adjourns from its 6th scheduled meeting of the year, and 7th overall. So even though you may not realize it, when they adjourn, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will release a formal … Continued

Clearwater FL Homes for Sale benefit -Tampa Mortgage Rates fall due to Icelands Volcano

Tampa Mortgages – Clearwater – St Pete – Tampa Bay area Tampa Mortgage rates and Clearwater home affordability have improved lately, thanks to an unlikely ally — Mother Nature. In the 7 days since Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull erupted, ash clouds have grounded planes, disrupted businesses, and stranded exports in warehouses worldwide. It’s a drag on commerce … Continued

Clearwater FL Homes for Sale | Is Your Tampa Mortgage Preapproval Stale?

Clearwater FL Homes | Buyers need to Update Tampa Mortgages & Preapprovals Clearwater FL – It’s a busy weekend with the National Open House event. Lots of people checking out Clearwater FL Real Estate. Before you get too excited…have you checked if your Tampa Mortgage preapproval is still valid or is it stale? As the federal home buyer tax credit … Continued

Clearwater FL Homes for Sale Haunted for Months by FHA Appraisals

Selling your Clearwater FL Home Beware FHA Appraisals Carry 4 Month Penalty Clearwater Florida – Dear Mr./Mrs. Home seller today there almost 3000 Clearwater Fl Homes for sale. I would guess that most sellers don’t realize that after January 2010 FHA appraisals now have a 4 month shelf life. So while it’s not officially a penalty,  you tell me, because now when you get what you think is … Continued

Clearwater Beach Condos – Buyers Must Know 6 Reasons Cash May be the ONLY Purchase Option

Clearwater Beach Condos for Buyers – Cash is King and sometimes your ONLY Financing option when Buying Florida Beach Condos Clearwater Beach Florida – I had a buyer from Brazil contact me yesterday excited about coming to Clearwater Beach Florida to buy a condo in February. She shared Clearwater beach condos & communities that interested her and I asked her … Continued