1031 Exchange Florida – Guide to Profitable Painless 1031 Exchanges in Tampa Bay FL

Guide to doing Profitable Painless “like kind” tax deferred  Property Exchanges –  1031 Exchange Florida

Clearwater Beach Florida – We have been helping buyers and sellers of  Tampa area beach condos, waterfront homes and properties for over a decade and based on our experience we’ve put together these articles and tips to help you with doing a like kind – 1031 exchange Florida tax deferred exchange on properties – especially when working with beach vacation rentals and resort properties.

1) What is a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange? (Read full article here > What is a 1031 Exchange in Florida? )

In simplest terms, a 1031 exchange lets the owner of an property exchange it for another property of a similar nature without being charged capital gains tax in the process:

For example: Suppose someone purchases a Clearwater Beach condo as an investment for $300,000 and then sells it for $400,000 at a later time.Under normal circumstances, the $100,000 difference is taxed as capital gains, which is the profit earned on the sale of non-inventory assets. However, should that same owner decide to sell their Clearwater Beach Condo for  $300,000,  in the IRS’s eye’s they actually “swap it” for a like kind condo for say $500,000 in Clearwater Beach Florida or anywhere else for that matter using a 1031 exchange,then the capital gains tax can be deferred until a later time. For obvious reasons, benefiting from a 1031 exchange Florida investment is a topic of considerable interest to investors in Clearwater Beach real estate.

2) See Video of Clients Experience doing a Florida 1031 Exchange  (See full article and video here > 1031 Exchange Florida Client Experience )

1031 Exchange Florida – You can feel comfortable knowing we are experienced in also helping buyers and sellers take advantage of the IRS tax code that allows 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges and defer paying capital gains when moving from one like property to another. I’m not going to tell you to trust what we say, because you don’t know us yet, however, we do invite  you to hear directly from our real estate clients, Yael and Brian, because  like you, we were able to help them achieve their Clearwater Beach real estate investment goals quickly and painlessly when they sold their home in California and decided  to buy a Sand Key Condo utilizing a 1031 exchange. Also here’s what they had to say about their experience on Yelp.

3) Real Estate Investors Can Benefit from 1031 Exchanges in Florida Read full article here > 9 Things Sellers Must Know about 1031 Exchanges in Florida

Clearwater Beach Florida – The 1031 exchange is a useful way for  Clearwater Beach real estate investors looking to sell a condo in Clearwater Beach to avoid capital gains tax while still increasing their wealth with smart investments. We put together a quick list of 9 things  home sellers must know before doing a 1031 exchange on their second home or investment.

So, if you’re a 1031 Exchange Florida Buyer

So you’re thinking of buying property in the Tampa Bay area utilizing a 1031 exchange Florida look for experienced 1031 exchange Florida Realtors®. I’m not going to tell you working with a Realtor® experienced in 1031 exchanges along with team of professionals that understand the strict time guidelines you will be working under is important because you already know that. What you may or may not realize is the unique benefit of working with a Clearwater Beach real estate team that understands specifically that you need to see the all properties that best match your criteria quickly  so you can identify your top 3 . These properties may vary  based on your personal investment goals typically in three main areas:

  • maximizing monthly income,
  • maximizing real estate appreciation,
  • choosing wisely since this property may be your  future retirement home or
  • a combination of all of the above.

You may even begin to realize the benefit that working with an experienced consultant, like me, that takes the time to ask you thought provoking questions to find out what’s really important to you is really important to us. Maybe you’ll discover that working with a consultant, like us, who knows the right questions to ask you along with the right communities and properties to show you may be more important than just picking the first person who answers the phone and just sends you all property listings in a particular price range in Clearwater Beach because knowledge and experience in this kind of real estate transaction can truly help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure you achieve your long term goals.

You can feel comfortable that you will receive all the local knowledge backed up with hard copies of  detailed, in depth financial you need to make inform quick decisions. From our experience we also understand the financial hurdles you may encounter when trying to buy a property that needs renovations utilizing a 1031 exchange that the typical agent has never even run into. Knowing this is important because the result to you is that much cheaper property may ultimately represent a very costly choice for you because of how the 1031 exchange rules. If you are looking for a trusted real estate advisor to help you buy a Tampa Bay area condo utilizing the IRS tax code to allow you to defer paying capital gains like we helped other clients -please give me a call or text me now at 727-710-8035 to discuss your particular situation.

And if you’re a 1031 Exchange Florida Seller

Experience also shows you need a Realtor® that understands that you are often selling more than pure real estate when doing a 1031 tax deferred exchange and smart sellers tend to get top dollar when working with a trusted real estate advisor that understands how to market your property to attract the right buyers who will understand, appreciate and are willing to pay top dollar for  your investment.  Imagine how it feels knowing you will have a team working for you with both the client experience and the real estate expertise based on in-depth education and earned certifications to present comprehensive financial projections, strategies and details to market your beach condo effectively in todays real estate market.  As a Clearwater Beach condo seller ,you benefit because we are “life learners” and full time professionals and also a licensed real estate Broker and one of less than 1 % of the local Realtors® to have earned the Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) designation offering you all the advantage you deserve when selling.

Jack and I have spent 35 years combined at IBM as Information Technology and Business consultants helping our clients make multimillion dollar investments and strategic business decisions to achieve their goals. We now bring the same commitment to offering the expertise and honed skills of understanding the big picture along with being detailed enough to get to the micro detail level while be judged by getting results while delivering an exceptional client experience. This past decade we have dedicated ourselves to our passion of helping buyers and sellers along our 26 miles of beaches of Tampa Bay.  I imagine you’d like to benefit from the skills and knowledge a certified Resort and Second Home Specialist (RSPS) that’s proven they understand the needs of both the buyers and the sellers of vacation and resort homes especially when some  portion of it is an investment.  That’s what we do for our clients, we are your consultant throughout this process and after as well and frankly it’s the service and support long after the sale that our clients tell us comes to mean the most to them. If this sounds like the kinds of  caring, committed, experienced trustworthy team you’d like working for you then give us a call or text us at 727-710-8036.

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