Blogging Celebrates 10th Anniversary

I was reading Paul Chaney’s blog today, Conversational Media Marketing and he shared that blogging has actually been around for 10 years. As a tribute to blogging he shared his blogging story and encouraged others to do the same. It got me thinking and reflecting and I thought I would take a break from writing about Clearwater Beach Real Estate today and share a little about our blogging journey so far…

Blogging isn’t a Sprint it’s a Marathon

We first learned about blogging a little over a year ago when I attended an Internet Academy with Dean Jackson in Orlando Florida. It was a weekend dedicated to learning how new technology could enhance our real estate business – just one of the many opportunities Jack and take to constantly gain additional education and skills. While there I was able to meet with successful real estate agents and mortgage professionals from around United States and Canada who shared their blogging success stories. They talked about how we could provide more community and real estate information in a more client friendly way by blogging. From there we left with the inspiration to begin our own blog.

Our first try at blogging was actually a Typepad blog. It was just in it’s infancy (2–3 months old) when I received an invitation from a Brea CA Realtor to join Active Rain, a fast growing real estate social network. We did and it allowed us to learn and improve as bloggers by working with over 20,000 other real estate professionals then – now it’s over 60,000 and still growing.

Well the dirty little secret is “blogging is addicting” and before long we were hooked because it created a great way to share information about Clearwater and Clearwater beach and also start a dialogue with our readers in a safe, no pressure environment.

Ironically we learned that working in a community like Active Rain was a much smarter first step in becoming effective bloggers so we quit working on our typepad blog (only so many hours in a day) and focused all our efforts on our Active Rain blog because it was easy to use and comprehensive for both fellow REALTORS and consumers.

Like many before and after us, once we started blogging on Active Rain and Localism we were able to jump start our effectiveness and got a real blogging education from helpful bloggers like Paul Chaney, Jeff Turner, Ines Hegedus-Garcia, Kristal Kraft, Laurie Manny and too many more to name here. That’s where I learned that blogging’s not a sprint – it’s a marathon and the best blogs, like fine wines when done right get better and better with time as their content grows.

Blogging turned Us into Hermit Crabs

So while it is great being a part of a dynamic community like Active Rain we decided we were ready, like the hermit crab, to expand into a larger shell and to start our own website and blog with  the things we’d learned.  We move into a GoDaddy Blog Shell…while it was easy to get started with their turnkey offerings, over time we found that the things we wanted to include on our blog weren’t available through them so we experienced growing pains again and needed to trade in our shell again – we’d outgrown this one and so we went in search of a much bigger shell – something we could grow with and not have to change so quickly.

Now that we knew what we wanted we researched and sought out the best real estate blog design company . Ultimately we chose The Real Estate Tomato, recognized innovators in real estate blogging. We were sold when we shared our vision for our new website/blog and they “got it” – we were then able to work together to create this Clearwater | Clearwater Beach Real Estate Blog – the ultimate hermit crab home.

So today, a year later We’re reflecting on all we’ve learned about blogging and the only thing we know for sure is that while we love our current shell here on Sandbars To Sunsets – we will definitely continue to grow and evolve. For example, we already know more and more video will be coming and so in the future, like the hermit crab, we’ll keep expanding our shell to keep delivering the best information for you – our valued readers.

Thanks for letting me share a little about our journey this past year. How fitting that New Years is around the corner…a great time to reflect and plan for the coming year of improvements and innovations.

So, I’m curious, what’s the pending New Year got you thinking about?

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  1. Kristal Kraft says:

    Hi Cyndee ~ What a nice story! It’s always a pleasure reading how others have come around to blogging. I had no idea the practice has been around 10 years! I know I did an early version of blogging in 2000, but it was more of an online journal/website not actual blogging software. I wish I had then what we have now. It would have been a no brainer for sure!

    Thanks for the link love and the mention! I’m glad you are enjoying the Blog!


    P.S. You new blog looks wonderful! Congrats and good luck with it.

  2. Cyndee – thanks for the mention…you’ve had a heck of a journey and have done it quickly and with finesse! Blogging is such a powerful tool that let our customers know us and understand what we’re about.

    You are doing an awesome job and here’s to the next 10 years of bloggin!

  3. Ines – its’ my pleasure – thank you for your kind words. You are so right – blogging is a great way to let customers really know us – it’s allowed us to connect with some great people who have also chosen us to help them with their real estate needs.

    Looking forward to the next 10 years (can you even imagine how differnt it will all be)

    P.S. I’ve got a Christmas video for Miamism if you’re taking video – shot the local boat parades – the signs of Christmas in FLorida – decorated boats and boat parades 🙂

  4. KK – can you believe how far I’ve come from struggling with photos! (lol) You were so helpful technically and then is an inspiration – It’s been a wild ride. Thanks for the compliments about the “new shell” – we are really enjoying it!! When it gets cold in Colorado – we’ve always got a hammock in the sun here for you!!

  5. Cyndee – I would love to post the video – Please send me the link and the embed code – and I’ll include it this Friday.

  6. Cyndee ~ Greetings from Brea, CA!

    Congrats to you for so many things, and thank you so much for your link love! No doubt we’ve all learned much from YOU! Your selection of the r.e. tomato has proved right in many ways.

    And your analogy of blogging like a marathon is so true. I’m marathoner myself, 10X, my last one was March of this year. I can tell you more than anything else it’s about the experience while enjoying the JOURNEY.

    My best to you!

  7. Ines – Ok, I’m on it! tee hee hee.

    Lynda – thank you for helping me find my way blogging. You know I say blogging is a team sport and mostly to me it’s collaberative – with my peers, experts, clients – it’s amazing what the synergy produces.

    One of my favorite sayings is the “Joy’s in the Journey” and I can tell you I’m having a ball!

    I still am in awe of you and your marathons – I’m up for the blogging marathon – but the real one – ohhh maybe that takes me back to my New Year’s Resolutions (lol)

  8. Cyndee,

    It’s been a pleasure getting to know you through blogging. That’s the real joy – the relationships. The format allows us to reveal ourselves to others and “know” them without ever actually meeting. And every person you mentioned in this post is someone I’d love to meet in person. Luckily, I’ve had that chance with Paul and Kristal. I’m hoping the rest will come soon!

    Thank you for the kind mention and the link love! 🙂


  9. Hey marathon girl, thanks for the link love. I never doubted that you would do it, do it right, and do it well. Happy Holidays Cyndee, hope yours are great.

  10. Great story. It’s great to have real estate experts as bloggers, as this is the perfect way to keep the public aware of the real estate market, and community activities. I only learned about blogging a year or so ago. At first I thought it sound kind of like a waste of time. Fortunately I looked a little deeper and realized all the great advantages of being a blogger.

  11. Jeff – the pleasure is all mine and Real Estate Shows sure is a great tool for blogging about real estate or communities. Looking forward to the time we can meet in person too!

    Laurie – Wow thanks for that high praise – and the great advice along the way. Here’s to the next year!! Can’t wait to see what it holds for all of us.

  12. Karl – so many people misunderstand blogging and Jeff Turner said it best when he says, “The format allows us to reveal ourselves to others and “know” them without ever actually meeting.” – Glad you’ve seen it for more than online chat! 🙂 besides selfishly I love learning about Pensacola Florida from you.

  13. Cyndee – You are an inspiration to so many in the blogging community, especially me. I have been the recipient of many kind deeds and words of wisdom from you and am positive it is exactly the way you and Jack treat your clients. Here’s to ten more years!

  14. Cyndee what a great journey you are on. Just think what you have done in just a year. The next year should be truly amazing. When I think of starting on a BBS over 15 years ago I am not surprised at where we are now. I am excited to see where the next decade takes us. – Ashley

  15. What can I add, you have become my friend and mentor; your drive, energy and most of all focus- is what is separating you, and I hope me right there with you. Results-oriented, You know I’ll see you again in Clearwater…and we’ll see each other at the top of the SE’s…

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