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Tucson Raising More Than a Ruckus

Clearwater Florida has a guest blogger today. Welcome my friend Dave Smith, a Tucson Realtor who is also part of a husband and wife team. We often the pros and cons for people relocating to the south and trying to decide between to great places to live: Florida and Arizona. Dave shares something you may

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Clearwater Florida Homes Find Living Green Now Easier with Home Depot

 Clearwater Florida is Getting Greener Clearwater FLorida Real Estate News– Today Clearwater home owners are looking for ways to live green and be more “Eco Friendly” – from recycling to using green products when possible.  The desire is often there before the products. Local Clearwater residents often tell me they’d like to be more “eco-friendly” at home but

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Clearwater Florida Real Estate Agents experience Natural Florida

Camping under the Stars | Pinellas County Florida | Ft Desoto Park My family takes a long weekend every year to go primative – well ok, to me primitive is 3 days without “real estate” and without my laptop  however, we did have electricity and running water at Ft DeSoto Park’s popular campground located in the southern most point in Pinellas County

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In Clearwater Florida Paddling is Common and Happens Often

Fun Things to do on Water in Tampa Bay’s Bluest Backyards I was driving the other day from Pinellas County, heading over the Gandy Bridge and Tampa Bay to South Tampa when I was reminded of one of my favorite past times – paddling. No I’m not talking about “paddling” as in spanking, though I must say I received a

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