Keeping Tampa Bay’s Water Blue by being Green

Tierra Verde Florida – I want to introduce you to a wonderful 501(c)(3) eco-friendly non-profit we are members of here in the Tierra Verde, Florida – Tampa Bay Watch

They are located at: Tampa Bay Watch, 3000 Pinellas Bayway South, Tierra Verde, FL 33715

Tampa Bay Watch is very active in a variety of programs and education to make a real difference by helping to Conserve and Restore Tampa Bay.

They are working to restore the Bay everyday through:

  • Building Oyster Domes;
  • Oyster Reef Enhancement Programs;
  • Salt Marsh Planting Program;
  • Sea Grass Planting Program;
  • Coastal Clean Up Program;
  • Mono-filament Program;
  • Great Bay Scallop Search;
  • Invasive Plant Removal

They do a great job of helping Tampa Bay’s waters stay blue (through their green efforts).

They organized 13 years ago when the waters of Tampa Bay were facing serious environmental challenges that threatened our extensive eco-system which supports 70% of the local fish, shell fish and more wildlife at some point in their life.

Did you know that Tampa Bay (the body of water) is the largest estuary in the state of Florida?

  • It is and it is made up of “400 square miles of open water and 2,300 square miles of highly developed watershed that supports industry, agriculture, and a diverse population in excess of 2.4 million people.” – Source:

Tampa Bay Watch’ s purpose is the protecting and restoring Tampa Bay’s estuary, as well as, restoring the marine and wetlands environments.  They focus on the delicate ecosystem that exists in the waters of Tampa Bay.

History of Cunningham Key Home to Tampa Bay Watch

From Tampa Bay Watch’s website I learned about their history and their current location – a waterfront piece of property to die for at the southern most point of Tierra Verde. In the 1960s the Department of Transportation dredged Tampa bay and this piece of land known as Cunningham Key became part of the causeway connecting Tierra Verde to Ft. De Soto park.

In 2000 Pinellas County and the State of Florida Greenways Program worked together to purchase the Cunningham Key property to be the headquarters for Tampa Bay Watch’s environmental protection and restoration programs.

All in a Green Days Work – Caring Volunteers Make a Difference:

On a recent Saturday morning the Tampa Bay Watch volunteers hit Fort Desoto beach and the surrounding mangrove areas to do a Coastal Clean Up. Look at the results in the picture to the left.

Being a frequent visitor to the beach I was amazed at just how much trash was collected – just imagine what our beaches would be like if this wasn’t done periodically.

As a Clearwater Mom with 2 Scouts we always try to leave Tampa Bay beaches places better than we found them, this is the crux of what Tampa Bay Watch does everyday in so many ways.

Below is a video with a Tampa Bay Watch intern, Jessica, kind enough to share more about

You can support their efforts, Join Tampa Bay Watch and become a member for as little as $25 a year.

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  1. Cyndee – Great to see a community pulling together to protect the environment. Amazing the amount of trash they get off the beach. If everyone would just pick up after themselves it would be much easier for groups such as Tampa Bay Watch to do restorative beach work. – Ashley

  2. Hi Cyndee,
    Greetings from Oakville, Ontario. Just noted this week that the first entire subdivision heated and cooled by solar power is being built in Kincardine, Ontario,first in Canada at least.

    There are other builders willing to offer buyers the option to pay the premium to have solar, but this company is breaking new ground in making solar heating/cooling standard. People feel they will get a payback on the premium in about 4 years, and thereafter save money and the environment.

    Always love reading your blog!

  3. Brandon FL Real Estate says:

    Cyndee – Great timing to get such a personal interview with Jessica from the Tampa Bay Watch. Nice piece sharing on one of the ways the beaches of Clearwater are kept so clean and pristine.

    Very nice job! ~Susie Roscoe~

  4. Hi Cyndee,

    Tampa Bay Watch sounds like a great idea. We all really need those types of organizations working in our communities. In Pensacola, our beaches stay pretty clean and beautiful, but our inland waterways catch a lot of runoff and could stand to be improved. A paper mill pretty much destroyed one of our beautiful bays, but they are now starting to see some improvement. All because they have to bleach paper bright white. Unbleached paper would work just as well for me.

    Great post.

  5. Cyndee this is an important effort, and important for anyone who wants to buy Tierra Verde real estate– what would real estate be worth if Tampa Bay was dying? Good stwardship of this estuary is good common sense…your expertise in all things Tampa Bay is wonderful.

  6. Paula Henry says:

    Protecting our environment is important everywhere. In Tampa Bay, what would be the draw if the beaches were not cared for. Sounds like Tampa Bay Watch is doing an extraordinary job of preserving the natural balance of the bay, while keeping the trash cleaned up and the beach beautiful, as it should be. – Paula

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