Tucson Raising More Than a Ruckus

Clearwater Florida has a guest blogger today. Welcome my friend Dave Smith, a Tucson Realtor who is also part of a husband and wife team. We often the pros and cons for people relocating to the south and trying to decide between to great places to live: Florida and Arizona. Dave shares something you may not have thought about….Enjoy his wit, humor and insights. I know I always do.  

Grown upside down

Tucson Real Estate is what I’m supposed to be covering in this post. Some aspect of it at least. Therefore, I’ve chosen the topic of Land are real estate. Land as a general rule around Tucson is desert. It is dirt that is so poor the only thing you would think about raising on it is a ruckus.

But there are those of us who are ourselves transplants from other parts of the country where green is the color that provided the canvas for our daily lives. Here in the Desert it is more likely to be brown, a very dry brown.

I have a degree in “Brown Thumb”

There seems to be some kind of genetic signature in those of us born where we grow things in the ground. That signature tells us to “plant”, when spring and summer arrive we get the bug to plant, water, feed, weed, and prepare to harvest.

For most of my 11 years here there have been many attempts to plant, water, feed, only to find those efforts resulting in the color brown. The only harvest is the pulling of the dead plant stem from the ground and depositing in the trash.

The Grow Green Stuff Gene

However, this spring, the gene once again has kicked in and this time I think I’ve found the missing ingredient. There are actually quite a few ingredients that go into the growing of anything beyond cactus. You need to enrich the soil. That mean, take out all the crap dirt down as far as you can and replace it with stuff you buy at Home Depot or Lowes. Yeah, we buy dirt here.

Water is important, but it isn’t how much water that is as important as how often you water. In the early stages of germination it is important to keep those little green babies hydrated. Out here in the desert a few hours without water and you have a sure fired recipe for dead.

This leads me to the missing ingredient I discovered this year. Shade, amazing isn’t it. It’s not what you add, it’s what you prevent. I’ve found, even in 100 degree temps, that if I have shade from direct sunlight, I can grow, “green stuff”.

I’ve got tomatoes and peppers growing in a planter in the corner of the yard under a lattice work for shade. I’ve got tomatoes growing upside down in a “Topsy Turvy”.

If you really want to know something about living in Tucson or how the Tucson Real Estate market is doing check out our site. If not, find some shade, some good soil, and grow some “green stuff” You’ll be glad you did. Unless it’s kale.

Here’s the deal, if you live in Clearwater, Florida, why would you ever want to move to Tucson? The fishing here sucks.

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