Camping under the Stars | Pinellas County Florida | Ft Desoto Park

My family takes a long weekend every year to go primative – well ok, to me primitive is 3 days without “real estate” and without my laptop  however, we did have electricity and running water at Ft DeSoto Park’s popular campground located in the southern most point in Pinellas County – just take Tierra Verde till it ends at the #1 Beach in the US (in 2005).

I joke about being on Survivor and my one luxury item is my hammock that can be thrown up anywhere under the canopy of cabbage palms. The good news is that we actually have 3 so we create a special hangout when we go.

Ft Desoto Park in Pinellas County offers some of the best Florida camping. You have the largest boat ramp in Pinellas county (8+ ramps) so it’s great for boating, jet skiing and fishing.

Then you have easy water access for kayaking and windsurfing and if that’s not enought the Great Florida Birding Trail runs through it so it’s great for birding and their is a fishing pier and amazing beaches.

Now if you have a dog in your life, not to worry, Ft Desoto Park has a Paw Playground and even a rare Dog Beach – the Paw Playground was voted one of the Top 10 in the US in 2006.

We saw incredible sunsets, nature up close and even the racoons think they’re family. At $30–$40/night to camp it’s a real bargain too.

It was a great time and believe it or not the world of Tampa Bay Real Estate was fine and waiting for me when I returned to it on Monday!

It’s an important reminder that we are lucky enough to call Clearwater Florida home and we need to take time to enjoy all the great things it has to offer – like eveyone else – that’s why we live in Tampa Bay – or as we like to call it ~ Paradise! 🙂

My Camping Photos from Ft Desoto Park

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  1. Wow, Jack and Cyndee… what an idyllic place to go and relax… makes me want to take a trip from Ohio and come enjoy a wonderful lifestyle! Kudos for you to take the time and recharge your batteries; I’m sure your clients benefit from your renewed energy… and I hope good things happened in your real estate world while you were gone….

  2. Sondra – Pinellas County is a great place to live – surrounded on 3 sides by water it’s got so such to do. Yes, everyone was fine since it was the weekend and we are fortunate to have several buyers purchasing their homes and condos this week (you can tell it’s the end of the month):-) Thanks for stopping by and commenting too!

  3. Cyndee, These pictures, especially the sunsets, are breathtaking. I am relaxing by just looking at them. Thank you for sharing your camping vacation with us.

  4. Cyndee:

    What a beautiful site and information source for Pinellas County. I love it!

  5. So Clearwater Beach real estate agents CAN get a weekend off. That’s great news. I think that is why I like relocation work so much– fully on when they are here, free to move about when they are not. I visited De Soto on my one prior visit to Tampa– what a great place for a park. It feels like you are miles and mile from nowhere- how far is it from your and Jack’s home?See you on the beach! 🙂 Terry

  6. Terry – we have a site reserved for the week of Thanksgiving 🙂 – It’s just 20-25 minutes from our house so we can still respond to clients – and several will be in over that week. Looking forward to having you here.

  7. Cyndee- I LOVE that PINK sunset! lol 🙂 I think bringing along your hammocks is a wonderful idea- there just isn’t anything that beats relaxing in a hammock- especially with that view! As a new subscriber, I’ll be checking in for more pictures of sunsets AND water.

  8. Brandon FL Real Estate says:

    It looks like Ft. Desoto was a well deserved adventure for the Haddon Family. The hammock picture should’ve had YOU in it…give up the camera every once in awhile!

    I love the pictures of the sunset over the water! The raccoon shot is priceless! Thank you for sharing how you can enjoy your family (and still be the top real estate agent in Clearwater) every once in awhile! ~Susie Roscoe~

  9. Cyndee – What a great way to relax in Florida. I love the doggie beach! Thanks for bringing us along virtually. – Ashley

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