Clearwater Florida Homes Find Living Green Now Easier with Home Depot

 Clearwater Florida is Getting Greener

Clearwater FLorida Real Estate News– Today Clearwater home owners are looking for ways to live green and be more “Eco Friendly” – from recycling to using green products when possible.  The desire is often there before the products. Local Clearwater residents often tell me they’d like to be more “eco-friendly” at home but they aren’t sure where to start.

Well, now it’s going to be even easier for everyone to find more environmentally friendly products in Clearwater, Florida and everywhere else that has a neighborhood Home Depot.

Why? Because Home Depot is working aggressively to fully implement its new Eco Options program. They are working to get the best eco-friendly products into their stores for their customers. They invited all the suppliers of their 176,000 products to submit any “green products” they have for consideration in their Eco-Options program. They were surprise when their suppliers came back with over 60,000 products for consideration.

Home Depot’s goal was to find 6,000 products out of the 60,000 submitted that their customers would want to find in their local Home Depot store.  With so many options the Home Depot Eco Options team went to work determining the “real green products” from the “voodoo” ones.

In the end, “Only 2500 of the products have made the cut to date. The proucts selected had to pass the muster with a man who fertilizes his own home garden with a liquefied worm paste product packaged in recycled soda bottles and fills his swimming pool with saltwater to avoid putting chlorine into the environment,” said Ron Jarvis, a Home Depot senior vice-president who oversees the Eco Options program. 

Home Depot Eco Options for Clearwater Florida

What are some of the Eco Option products coming to a Tampa Bay Home Depot near you..

  • Front Load Washers that use less water;
  • Herbs & Vegetables sold in biodegradable pots that release nutrients into the soil;
  • A Flush mounted light that generates 70% less heat and uses 2/3s less energy than standard lighting;
  • None of the wood products they purchase come from the endangered regions worldwide;
  • Solar powered landscape lighting;
  • Paints that discharge fewer pollutants;

Home Depot Green Standards

Home Depot is committed to working with the Scientific Certification Systems, a private company that audits and certifies company “eco friendly” claims and they are helping Home Depot develop it’s green standards to include:

  • the products environmental record over it’s entire product life-cycle;
  • understanding the products it’s efficiency;
  • as it relates to the products longevity;
  • how sustainable is the production of the product;
  • how can it be recycled when it’s no longer needed;

I applaud Home Depot for working to establish meaningful green standards. This is one of the challenges facing “eco friendly” consumers today – how to really determine how effectively green a product really is. I’m looking forward to learning more about eco friendly solutions we can implement in our home.

More Home Depot Eco Options Information

  • Home Depot Eco Options press release;
  • Home Depot Eco Options website

I’m curious, how Green is your home or your home town today?

Home Depot’s can found in and around Clearwater, Florida  33764, 33761


Submitted Cyndee & Jack Haydon, Clearwater Florida Realtors.

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