Buying Pinellas County Waterfront homes – Seawall Inspection saved $10,000+

Guide to Buying Pinellas County Waterfront Homes – Part 2 Seawalls Cost

Maderia Beach Florida – We always recommend a seawall inspection when looking at Pinellas County waterfront homes. Did you know that a seawall repair or replacement could be the biggest expense you could be facing? If you’re like most of our clients buying on the Pinellas County waterfront – this is not something you want to find out “after” you buy your waterfront property.

We’ve seen Pinellas County waterfront homes put on the market to sell because they can’t afford the needed seawall repair – don’t unknowingly buy someone else’s problem. If this the first time you’ve bought a waterfront home then you may not realize that it’s not something the typical home inspector or home inspection covers and the average Pinellas County real estate agent many not even realize that it needs to be inspected and who’s qualified to do it.

Since we specialize only in Pinellas County waterfront homes and beach condos we help our clients everyday by knowing the right questions to ask and the right people to get you the answers you need BEFORE you buy your new home. We understand you need the best resources like seawall inspectors and seawall engineers who can thoroughly evaluate the existing seawall and then give you a technical analysis of what’s needed along with 8-10 reputable local companies that can make the needed repairs so you can shop to have the work done while accurately comparing apples to apples.

How Hiring Pinellas County Waterfront Beach Real Estate Agents saved buyer over $10,000

Just this month we helped our clients buy a Maderia Beach Fl waterfront home that was beautiful – This home was updated with lovely curb appeal including pavers in front, tropical pool setting with pavers in back, a newer dock and seawall that had been well maintained – sounds great right?? Well when we had the seawall inspection the inspector determined that the wall was actually moving out and needed to be replaced in 4-6 months. Holy Moly 4-6 months is like “needs to be done yesterday!!”  Any quess what the cost of a seawall was for a typical Pinellas County waterfront home is? Most lots are @ 75ft o the intercoastal which would be about $12,000-$25,000 depending on what’s needed. Well luckily it was determined that they could use the existing seawall and it could be capped however the buyer’s were looking at @$10,000 immediate repair and expense (this lot was a little smaller than normal so the costs were a little less) however if we’d missed that and things deteriorated it could have easily cost double and triple those amounts.

How would you feel if you found that out after you bought your new home? Or worse yet, you didn’t find out and 4-6 month from now you start getting settlement cracks in your pool and home – WOW talk about a huge expensive problem then!!

The good news is because we are Pinellas County Waterfront Beach real estate agents specializing in “the bluest backyards” everyday- our clients got the right inspections done with the best engineers and we were even able to negotitate to have the seller pay for the new seawall so not only did we save them $10,000 but we saved them a whole lot of headaches and potentially huge expenses in the near future.

So if you are thinking of buying or selling a waterfront home in Pinellas County – give Jack or I a call and let us put our local knowledge and expertise to work for you and stay tuned for more in our series Guide to buying Waterfront Homes in Pinellas County


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