Clearwater Florida Homeowners will you Skip a week to help?

Clearwater Florida – Today Swiftmud is asking all of us that own homes in Clearwater to all do our part to help conserve water in the Tampa Bay area. Luckily in Clearwater many of our neighborhoods including Clearwater Beach have reclaimed water however the rest of us need to try our best to do our part…. “In … Continued

Clearwater Real Estate News: Top 10 Towns Effected by Wall Street Woes

Financial Problems on Wall Street – How far will the Effects be Felt? Clearwater, Florida – Business Week‘s article today reminded us that even though Clearwater is a long way from Wall Street the effects will be felt in almost every town because “from CEOs to security guards, the financial, insurance, and real estate sectors employ approximately … Continued

Property Tax Portability Passes in Florida – Calculate Your Benefit

Property Tax Portability – Florida Election Results are In – Real Estate a Big Winner!   Wow what a day for Property Tax Portability and property owners in Florida – the great news is regardless of the results Pinellas County is reporting a 37% voter turnout – which tops even the 2000 and 2004 Presidential Primaries. I am an avid … Continued

Home Buyers Guide to Pinellas Property Taxes – Part 1

Understanding Pinellas Property Taxes and Valuations for Calculating Your Taxes Clearwater Florida – Understanding Pinellas Property taxes is a questions we get a lot when we are working with Home Buyers and  Beach Condo buyers two of the questions we get most often is, “Can you explain Pinellas Property Tax system” for Pinellas County and “What can I … Continued