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Clearwater Beach Vacation Homes funded by weak US Dollar

Clearwater Beach, Florida – Cyndee and I have seen a dramatic increase in the number of Canadians and Europeans calling and inquiring about buying real estate in Clearwater, Clearwater Beach and Sand Key Florida. During this past week we had over 6 beach condo inquiries alone. Some economists are predicting a new real estate investing trend is emerging in US real estate based on the low value of the dollar.

In addition local Tampa Mortgage expert, Leah Ross, with Amerifirst Mortgage, reports in her recent article, Foreign Investors in Tampa Bay – The Loan Process – Step 1, receiving many more calls and emails this year when compared to last year from Canadians and Foreign Investors looking to purchase great properties on Tampa beaches.

Foreigners finding Dollar helps Second Home on Clearwater Beach become Reality

“The dollar is on sale,” said Susan Wachter, real estate professor at
the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. This perspective
is fueled by the fact that the S&P/Case-Shiller Index reports monthly
declines in sale prices throughout 2007, and everyone is aware that
the number of homes sold in 2007 has declined monthly as well.

The result is that the US dollar has dropped to record lows when compared
to the euro and that means savvy Europeans are bringing more spendable
cash into the US. For example, the last time I checked $50,000 was
equivalent to 34,100 euros and that figure was 37,920 euros in January
of 2007.”

“In a market with great turmoil, (the weak dollar) is one factor supporting some key markets,” Wachter said of the weakening dollar. Source: Tampa Bay Online

Here in the Clearwater Florida area we have seen Tampa mortgage lenders tightening their lending rules making it harder for home and condo buyers to get a home loan to purchase real estate. This is not effecting everyone, but it does reduce the overall number of home buyers in the Tampa Bay real estate market.

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Now is Time to Buy Bargain Clearwater Beach Real Estate

In summary, it is a great time to buy that vacation Clearwater beach house or that Sand Key condo on the water you’ve been dreaming of. Right now you’ll find lower real estate prices (as shown in our Real Estate Monthly Market Reports) and plenty of homes and condos for sale, so let us help you find your new vacation home in one of the most beautiful places on this earth – Clearwater Beach Florida.

Clearwater Florida Real Estate

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