Clearwater Beach Florida – Recovering from Christmas

Clearwater Beach FL

Okay, it a holiday week and still recovering from our Christmas meals.

If you’re like me it’s time for some fun.

Check out these brain teasers (answers are at the end if you need them)….

Clearwater Beach Florida – Brain Teasers

1. Where is the American flag flown round the clock, but is never
raised, lowered, or saluted?

2. What is the only country whose flag is not rectangular?

3. What is the only country to have a single-colored flag?

4. How many verses does the Greek national anthem have?

Clearwater Beach Florida – Snapshots of Christmas 2007

While you’re contemplating the brain teasers – on the lighter side we wanted to share a few snapshots from Christmas 2007 yesterday on Clearwater Beach Florida’s Pier 60.

Pier 60 is a special place where everyone congregates nightly to celebrate the sunset  and Christmas evening was no different. The Pier was hopping with visitors and the sun didn’t disappoint – ah the light show is always inspiring. The evening even ended with a full moon. Enjoy…

Hope you had a great Christmas with your family and friends.

We had a great day and enjoyed checking out the visitors vacationing here. We met lots of Europeans and Canadians already here for the winter. I can’t say I blame them… it is paradise found here on Clearwater Beach Florida.

Thanks for letting us share our little piece of Paradise,

ok here are the answers to the questions above – hope you had a little fun… tomorrow we’ll be back talking about Clearwater Beach Real Estate and more!

1. On the Moon.2.Nepal’s flag is asymmetrical. 3. Libya’s, which is
solid green. 4. 158.

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  1. Mary De Luca says:

    You are always so upbeat– oh wait- you live in a place with beautiful sunsets all year ‘roun…I would be upbeat too.

    It’s so dark this time of year- so I like coming here to see a little sunshine.

  2. I seriously don’t see how anyone can remember 158 verses! Looks like everyone is having a fun time this winter in Clearwater Fl! – Ashley

  3. Neat Post. The pictures are nice, especially as it is winter time. I wonder how many people actually know all the versus to the Greek national anthem? Hope 2008 is a great year for real estate in your area. Have a great new year.

  4. Karl – Jack was the guy who had memorized Trivia Pursuit when it came out – I never match trivia wits with him – he is the winner of “odd knowledge” in our home! 🙂 We are hoping the same for a prosperous 2008 all our friends too. Thanks you

    Mary – You’re right – our job is so much easier when you live in paradise. Glad we can share the sunshine!

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