Clearwater Beach FLorida to Sand Key to Island Estates – Jolley Trolley a Great Way to Go

Sand Key condos to Clearwater Beach strip to Island Estates waterfront homes- 33767 Update

Clearwater Beach Florida – One of the best Tampa Beaches is Clearwater Beach and there’s no better way to get around than the Jolley Trolley.

Clearwater Beach’s moving landmarks is the Jolley Trolley’s – these open aired Trolleys are a Fun and Economical way to get around on Clearwater Beach, Sand Key and Island Estates. This is a great service for Clearwater beach condos and home owners from Sand Key Florida to Island Estates as well as the local tourists.

The Jolley Trolley had 2 routes covering Clearwater Beach, Sand Key, Island Estates and Downtown Clearwater. Recent budget cuts by the City of Clearwater in mid-July have forced this non-profit organization to cut their services down to 2 trolley’s and only one route. Currently there was only limited use of the Route between downtown Clearwater and the Beaches so they have decided to stop this route for now. This should allow them to continue to operate with the 35% less funding next year from the City of Clearwater. As the Clearwater Downtown revitalization continues they hope to add the Downtown route again as the demand for going downtown rises.

The good news is the Jolley Trolley is still a great bargain – The cost to ride the Trolley is still only $1.25 – in fact you can stay on as long as you want for that price. For the young (those 4-10) and the young at heart (those 65 and over)- you ride for less than half that price at just $.60 a trip. Babies and Toddlers under the age of 3 are FREE.

So don’t worry about having a cocktail at a local restaurant or finding parking at various locations – just hop the Trolley and enjoy the ride!  The typical round trip from North Clearwater Beach (Starting at the Regatta Beach Club) and going to Sand Key (to Ultimar) averages 35 minutes. You can catch the trolley at the posted signs located on almost every other block or just flag them down if you see them coming – if they can stop safely they will.

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