Use Your IRA to Invest in a Clearwater Beach  Vacation Home

A lot of people recognize that waterfront and beach property prices in Clearwater Beach and surrounding areas are experiencing lower real estate prices than they have  in a awhile.

Are you one of the savvy real estate investors looking to cash in on one of these beach bargains. 5 single family homes have sold on the North end of Clearwater Beach (in Mandalay and Carlouel neighborhoods) this past month. Here is a creative tip on how to use your IRA to buy that property.

Your IRA and Clearwater Beach Real Estate

I am talking about a Self-Directed IRA because it gives you many options for purchasing real estate, and for many people purchasing real estate is their investment vehicle of choice. Professionals believe this is a great time to be thinking about setting up a Self-Directed IRA to purchase Clearwater Beach property because the prices have recently fallen.

Of course, the rules and regulations for investing in real estate with an IRA are complex and you need expert advice from a knowledgable advisor.

Don’t you think now would be a great time to find out how to use a Self-Directed IRA to accomplish your investment goals? Just realize that the way you setup your Self-Directed IRA makes a big difference in how your taxes are handled and thus your profitability.

If you’re interested in learning more about Clearwater Beach real estate investment property including Island Estates Homes | Condos and Sand Key Condos then call us to help you find the right property in the Clearwater Beach area. Check out our customer testimonials to learn more about us.

Florida Luxury Real Estate

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  1. Mary De Luca says:

    Wow- what a great idea Cyndee. I think you left out a name. I would have never thought to use my retirement money to buy my retirement home. It makes such perfect sense! I love coming here to find out things about Florida real estate- and, of course, to see your sunsets. Nothing like them here up north. 🙂

  2. Cyndee,
    You’ve come up with a great idea! Now I know why you are called the “expert” in real estate. Your advise is the best. I’m glad to have a site I can get such valuable information.
    Ginger 🙂

  3. Self directed IRAs are a hot item now. I can see it being a great investment vehicle, especially with the current low prices of Clearwater condos. I have a plan to set up a self directed IRA to use for financing fixer uppers. Just make sure to get an expert to set one up and follow the rules. Good post Cyndee. A lot of people don’t know about using IRAs in this way. Thanks – Karl

  4. Mary – thanks for the heads up – I fixed it! with these beautiful beach condos and homes retirement is exciting.

    Karl – Thanks for stopping by – it’s a great option for florida beach condos in Pensacola too.

  5. Cyndee as usual you have all the information and contacts a home buyer needs to purchase in Clearwater Florida. What a great tip! – Ashley

  6. Hi Cyndee – what a terrific idea to get out there to consumers! I’ve just recently been reading about using self-directed IRAs to purchase real estate. And as we all know, real estate is the foundation of all wealth!

    Great post to let people know about purchasing this way.

  7. Sandi Bauman says:

    Cyndee- it sounds like NOW is a good time to consider spending those IRA’s on Clearwater Beach Property- those homes are moving quick!

  8. Ginger – Glad to have another Pensacola Real Estate friend stop by!

    Ashley – Thanks for stopping by your Gulf Coast Beach connection! 🙂

    Anne, Glad you enjoyed the article. We get lots of great information from our financial expert, Niahm Jerabek. Hope to see you again soon.

  9. Jack,Cyndee-investing in Clearwater now makes sense-your buyers know this and a self-directed IRA? Great idea. Terry McDonald

  10. I have been reading articles recently about IRA’s both basic and self directed. Now is a good time to buy vacant land, houses in Tampa Bay. An IRA is a great way to broaden your portfolio. Good post to educate buyers!

  11. Jack – This is great information for those who are considering investing in real estate through their IRA. What a fantastic opportunity to buy a second home using your IRA. Keep educating the consumer.

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