Relocating to Clearwater Florida

Clearwater Beach Real Estate – Florida is predicted to surpass New York and become the nation’s third most populated state in 2010 with about 900 people moving to Florida everyday.

We continue to see lots of people moving to Clearwater Florida and others coming to purchase a vacation home or invest in Clearwater Beach.

That means there will a strong demand for housing for years to come. See the full article by HGTVPro here.

Buy Clearwater Beach Condos Now

I am bringing this to your attention to let you know that Florida has
a great real estate market for real estate buyers that will only get better, and to let you know that here in Clearwater, Florida including Clearwater Beach, Sand Key and Island Estates, we have great Tampa Beach real estate bargains. 

So, don’t wait to buy your golf home or second home. Call us today at (727) 422–8901 just like Jim and Feliza did…

Here is their story of buying a luxury golf course home in Tampa Bay:

WARNING! These Home Buyers Tell All…

Florida Luxury Real Estate

Are you looking to buy a Clearwater Beach Condo or Clearwater Beach Real Estate where you can enjoy our beautiful beaches? Here’s what some of our past clients have to say about how we helped them….


Buyers tell us that selecting the best Clearwater Beach Real Estate Agent, online or from a distance, can be a challenge. Some of our past clients agreed to share their experiences and tell you why they think you should work with us.

Click on the photos below and meet some of our clients and now friends…we’d love to be YOUR choice too!      

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  1. Cyndee – Sounds like a promising future for the state of Florida and places like Clearwater Beach. With all the beautiful pictures you post and the information you provide, I’m sure you will personally be responsible for many relocations:)

  2. Wow- 900 people a day moving to Florida. Having just visited Clearwater, St Petersburg and Tampa, I know what buyers can expect-great sun and water everywhere, great selection and the best prices since 2005. What a breath of fresh air–the most popular retirement state, Florida,is a live and well. Might be hard to tell from recent media reports… Thanks Cyndee and Jack
    Terry McDonald

  3. Clearwater Fl has everything to offer those relocating, retiring or just vacationing. From sandbars to sunsets, the prices are at 2 year lows and the bargains are out there scraming for buyers. Florida is like a candy store for homebuyers!

  4. Paula – It’s a great place to live and the sunshine and beaches keep people coming! 🙂

    Terry – I’m so glad you got to come and I got to meet you in person 🙂 Thanks for treating us to the Hurricane!

    Janis – You are so right – now is the time to buy Clearwater and Clearwater Beach properties – like I mentioned to Paula the sun and beach keep us a popular place to visit and an even better place to live.

  5. Clearwater and the beaches are great, such great views of the Gulf!

  6. Hi Cyndee, I have yet to visit Clearwater, though we get down to Ft. Lauderdale each winter to see my brother and family! Keep on selling those Clearwater and Tampa golf and beach properties! Hilary Shantz, Oakville, Ontario

  7. Cyndee – What good news for the Florida real estate market! Clearwater prices are still very reasonable compared to other parts of the country so now would be a good time to buy a piece of the beach life. – Ashley

  8. Cyndee,

    That statistic is amazing! With 900 folks a day moving to Florida, if you could only capture 1% of those home buyers in the Tampa Beach area, I am sure with you being an expert in that market they will be well informed and well taken care of.

    Hope you are ready to go to work!


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