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We see lots of tourists visit Clearwater Beach and Sand Key this time of year and many may not know that Clearwater Beach and Sand Key beach have a ban on alcohol of any kind on the public beach.

Being caught with any alcohol on Clearwater beach property can cost you a ticket of $113 even if you’re over 21 – so my advise is “Don’t get caught drinking on Clearwater Beach – leave the alcohol in your condo or at home.

While this may surprise you, it is part of Clearwater Florida’s on-going commitment to keeping Clearwater Beach and Sand Key beach clean, family friendly and safe.

I know we’ve enjoyed living on Clearwater Beach in our home with our 2 boys, Sean & Alex.  In over 16 years, I’ve never encountered a “drunk” on the beach – thankfully.

P.S. Don’t forget the sunscreen – we’ve been enjoying 85+ degree weather in Clearwater FLorida this week!

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  1. Brandon FL Real Estate says:

    Cyndee – that’s good info for those who enjoy sipping by the ocean in Clearwater. I’ve lived across the Bay from Clearwater for 30 years and didn’t know about that law. THANKS! ~Susie Roscoe~

  2. Hey Cyndee,

    We will know Tuesday if we can have a drink in the North Georgia Mountains. Good to know if you are ever visiting Clearwater….that wouldn’t make me too happy! Thanks for the information.


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