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Clearwater Beach Real Estate Market Trends – Condos for Sale

Clearwater Beach Florida – Here is a look at what Clearwater Beach real estate listings for condos that sold on Clearwater Beach, Sand Key and Island Estates all in the 33767 zip code. We’ll also look at the median Clearwater Beach condo price however with such a variety of properties from Gulf Front to Intercoastal to some not on the water at all it’s important to look at the trend  however we can give you detailed information about whatever type of property you are looking to buy or sell to understand the real relevant sales. The most important thing to note here is what we’ve been saying which is the number of Clearwater Beach condos for sale is going down and the median price is going up.

Trends for Clearwater Beach Condos for Sale – Sept 2011 


This month there were 24 condos sold on Clearwater Beach and of that only 4 were distressed condos. 3 were Clearwater Beach foreclosures and one was a Clearwater Beach short sale so 5 our of 6 condos sold were not distressed contrary to what some reading the media might think.

Also of interest is that 10 out of the 24 Clearwater Beach condos sold got a loan which is a good sign meaning the prices on condos for sale are appraising and lenders are lending.

Not sure if you heard but on Oct. 1st the Jumbo loan limits were lowered as were the FHA loan limits. While we rarely get involved with FHA loans on Clearwater Beach in the short time those rate limits getting lowered will put a downward pressure on the market in my opinion.

How’d the Clearwater Beach Condo price bands break out 

(3) condos sold for between $100-$199,000 

(8) condos sold for between $200-$299,000 

(5) condos sold for between $300-$399,000 

(4) condos sold for between $400-$499,000 

(2) condos sold for between $500-$599,000 

(2) condos sold for between $600-$699,000 

(1) condos sold for between $700-$799,000

(0) condos sold for between $800,000 and up

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Trends for Clearwater Beach Condos for Sale – 3rd Qtr 2011

We really saw the market start to change around May because we had lots of backlogged short sales got approved and finally off the market and yet new beach condos haven’t been filling their spots. Typically summer sales for Clearwater beach condos are slow but most Clearwater beach real estate agents will tell you that this summer was different. I know we were busy all summer and this year has been steady. For many buyers on the sidelines I believe they sense that we’ve reached “the bottom” and in addition to that the Stock market hasn’t been performing so well. You gotta ask yourself, if you’ve been thinking about it – why not buy a piece of paradise that has an upside and is fun to use – at least that’s what we’ve been hearing.

Trends for Clearwater Beach Condos for Sale for Last 180 days – 2nd & 3rd Qtr 2011

This graph gives you a six month look at what’s been happening as you can see prices have moved steadily upward and most condos for sale on Clearwater Beach are going to start at $350,000 and up if you are in a 2/2 gulf front unit. 3 bedrooms are $600,00 and up and getting harder and harder to find at that $600,000 price point for as well. You can start to see why we believe prices will continue to inch upward – the supply and demand supports this as well. Also fewer distressed properties on the market means more stable market prices in our experience. 

Clearwater Beach Short Sales and Foreclosures

In summary when looking at Clearwater Beach short sales for the month of September we only had 1 short sale sell. We are seeing less and less short sales on the market. On the flip side we have 3 foreclosures – bank owned – REO – (Real Estate Owned) sales this past month and ironically as I mentioned they accounted for both the highest beach condo sold and the lowest prices beach condos sold. If you’d like more information about Clearwater Beach Short Sales and particularly if you are a home owner who wants to know more about the process and how to avoid it along with foreclosure we invite you to visit our Clearwater Beach Short Sales with extensive videos and information. 

And remember if you are looking to buy or sell in the Clearwater Beach Area, Jack and I welcome the opportunity to discuss the market with you and your particular situation. Just give us a cal for the most up today information that’s happening in the Clearwater Beach real estate market.

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