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Clearwater Beach Florida – Did you know that the Christmas Tree was a big deal in Germany in the 1800’s and came to the USA with the Germans who migrated here (thanks goes out to my Great-Great-Grandfather…a minister from Germany)…LOL. By the way, these German immigrants also brought carols, stockings, and more to our culture.

That reminds me of the things that Clearwater Beach Buyer’s Agents like Cyndee and me bring to our real estate culture. As you may know, Cyndee and I built our Clearwater real estate business on helping buyers get good deals in Clearwater, on Clearwater Beach, Island Estates, and Sand Key.

Our contribution to the Clearwater Beach real estate tradition started out with a belief that since the Home and Condo Buyer writes the check, the Buyer should have representation in each real estate transaction. As you may know, I do not have a law degree, but I do respect the laws of our land and the spirit of these laws, and in some cases, I am inspired by our laws.

Clearwater Beach Florida Buyers get Trust and Confidence

Last week I wrote an article on how Dual Agency is Illegal in Florida and the lively conversation that followed reminded me of one of my favorite statements that comes from Florida Real Estate Law.  This was one of the key factors that led Cyndee and me to focus on helping Luxury Home and Condo Buyers purchase their dream home here in the Clearwater Beach Florida area.

It is this simple phrase (Florida Law Describes “Fiduciary”): “A broker in a relationship of trust and confidence between that broker as agent and the seller or buyer as principal….” Hmmmm, trust and confidence, I thought!

This simple phrase is by itself a definition, but when combined with the relationship most Clearwater Beach Listing Agents have with Buyers, Transaction Broker, it paints a more complete picture of why you need to call us:

“…A transaction broker provides a limited form of representation to a buyer, a seller, or both in a real estate transaction but does not represent either in a fiduciary capacity….” Hmmmmmm…., representation and not a fiduciary relationship, Hmmmm…

If you want trust and confidence to be at the core of your relationship with your Clearwater Florida Realtor, then give us a call because we are focused on what our Clearwater Beach Buyers want, and we work only for you, and not the Home or Condo Seller!

Clearwater Florida Real Estate – Your Dedicated Buyer’s Agents

Are you looking to buy a home or condo in the Clearwater Florida area or a vacation condo or beach home on Clearwater Beach, Sand Key or Island Estates – We can help. Here’s what some of our past luxury home and condo buyers have to say about how we helped them….


Our Clients tell us that selecting the best Realtor in Clearwater Florida especially online or from a distance, can be a challenge. Some of our past clients agreed to share their experiences and tell you why they think you should work with us.

Click on the photos below and meet some of our clients and now friends…we’d love to be YOUR choice too!

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  1. I think many people don’t understand the true meaning of fiduciary. Great article – Karl

  2. Cyndee- How do buyers in Clearwater feel about signing a buyer’s agent form? Do you find that different types (condos, waterfront lots, homes, etc) of buyers are more comfortable with the buyer’s agent concept?

    Here on Lake Martin most buyers don’t want to sign anything, even though it seems to me that it benefits the buyers more than the agents :).

  3. Great plug for the Germans, my grandparents would be proud, don’t forget St. Nicolas Day. When I was little we would put out our shoe, then St. Nicolas would put a toy or chocolate in our shoes. One year my brother, sisters and I told our neighbor to put his shoe out, the next morning he ran over to our house we were all enjoying Star Wars men, Hot Wheels, Dolls. Shane & Randy next door didn’t get anything? So their Mother was on the phone to my Mom to find out why we got presents in our shoes HE HE HE.

  4. Karl – I think you’re right! Hopefully this article Jack did helps explain it.

    John – we’ve actually moved away from them though we’ve never had any trouble having clients sign them. We’ve found that we prefer doing business on a handshake where your word is your bond and you know we haven’t had any problems.

    Again our philsophy in real estate is about “serving the buyers” so well they are happy to refer us (or do a video testimonial :-)) – we aren’t trying to “capture” anyone. Both buyers and sellers know that with a simple request they are out of any contract with us anyway – life’s too short to “hold someone in a contract” – we want what’s best for them and that philosophy has always served us well and makes it fun to do our job – helping people with their real estate needs in the Clearwater / Clearwater Beach area.

    Matt – I knew I liked you… and who knew you were causing a ruckus as a little kid 🙂 Thanks for sharing – those are the memories that make Christmas special. I know you are one who loves Christmas and everything about it!!

  5. Another great explanation about buyers agents. It’s easy for the consumers to forget that the listing agent works for the seller and they really do need their own agent who is working just for them. – Ashley

  6. German background here Cyndee. My father was born in Munich, Germany.Visit my blog to see Oh Christmas Tree in Deutsch, O Tannenbaum! Frohliche Weihnachten!

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