Clearwater Beach Florida – Well after experiencing the coldest day in 50 years yesterday in Clearwater Beach it actually feels like winter out west. However in Iowa tonight it may feel warmer since right now it’s the hot spot for National Politics.

Tonight we are seeing the first feedback from American voters as they participate in Iowa’s Caucus. This gives us our first glimpse into who may be the next President of the United States.

Have you decided who you’re voting for?

Jack and I were discussing our thoughts tonight and we came across a neat site that lets you answer 25 simple questions (Yes, No or Unsure) and then immediately gives you a complete analysis as to which candidates you are most aligned with (listing all possible presidential candidates by percentage).

So tonight in the interest of marital harmony we say – don’t get caught in a political battle at home just take the test for yourself. Have a little fun and find the candidate most aligned with your stand on issues. We enjoyed taking this quick “Candidate Calculator” quiz at VaJoe’s site ourselves. Each question has a link next to it giving you more detail info on the issues to help you make your decision. It’s fun – give it a try by clicking here.

We’d love to hear about your experience – Did your favorite candidate come up as your best match?

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  1. Bob Carney says:

    I try to stay far from politics and quizzes…but I will give this on a try.

  2. Bob – it was actually quite interesting to see what it had to say – it shows how you align with all the candidates – Republican and Democrats! I bet you have fun with it!

  3. Thanks. This was fun. I wasn’t too surprised at the results.

  4. For some reason I couldn’t get the link to work. Tried entering the address by itself, but got the AOL page that says it couldn’t find the site. I’ll try later.

  5. Hi Cyndee – sounds interesting! I tried the link several times and kept getting ‘cannot find server’ messages. I also tried the URL directly and no luck there either. I’ll keep trying as it sounds like it could be fun!

  6. Hi there – maybe we crashed the site with our visitors 🙂 – Ann and Elaine their site is obviously down – Karl maby it was you :-).

    P.S. Karl, The bottom has info those intersted in Clearwater Beach and we all know the election will effect real estate. 🙂

  7. Cyndee, Interesting. I’ll give a try tonight when my husband is home. I watched all the speeches last night and I have to say this is going to be a very interesting election.

  8. Well that messed up my thinking. I was 100% sure who I supported until now. My candidate was a 45% match. While my best one came in at 75%. – Ashley

  9. Ashley – I was surprised by my results to – lol! Glad it’s up and working again

  10. psalms mack says:

    I found the candidate calculator to absolutely correct when it came to my candidate!

    I learned about several important issues including that Fair Tax proposal which is be very interesting. I shared some of information with other individuals, and I was NOT surprised to hear that they are totally unaware of the proposal, the strength it is gathering and its possible impact of our nations econonmy.

  11. Psalms – Glad you got to play with it – it did have a wealth of info – thanks for sharing with others too!

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