Clearwater FL Helpful Hints for Keeping the Knives in Your Kitchen Sharp

Clearwater FL Helpful Hints around your House

Clearwater Florida – Today we are sharing some helpful hints we hope you can use around your Clearwater house.  If you own kitchen knives, you better keep them honed. That’s because a dull knife blade not only slows you down in the kitchen, but it can be more dangerous than its ready-to-cut counterpart, too.

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In this brief, 2-minute video, you’ll learn how to use a knife steel to keep your kitchen cutlery in top form.

Among the tips:

  1. Hold your knife at a 20-degree angle to the steel for maximum effect
  2. 10 swipes per side is sufficient to keep the blade straight
  3. Mid-range knife steels are the best choice for most kitchens

Most knife steels don’t actually sharpen knives. Instead, they straighten the microscopic teeth that make the knives work. And that’s okay. Just remember use the steel every time you use your knife.

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