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I read an interesting article today by a leading blogging expert, Michael Martine of Remarkablogger and he shared this short video which showed how information has evolved from filing and searching for paper… to the way we “google” things today – It took me back and reminded me how things were just a few years ago. I think you’ll get a kick out of it – I did! Enjoy…

Great Video on the Evolution of Information

Delivering the Best Real Estate Blog for Clearwater | Clearwater Beach

Earlier this year Jack and I went back to the drawing board to plan, research and innovate with one goal in mind, “to build the best Clearwater Beach real estate blog” for the areas we serve. We also chose to work with proven real estate blogs available designers to build this “new type” of real estate resource that is completely client-focused which is why we also included the “Google” ability here.

Our goal is to continually present Clearwater Beach | Clearwater | Tampa Bay Real Estate information the way our readers want it, by their neighborhoods and then by the catergories (or topics) with only information for that specific neighborhood. If that doesn’t work or you just want to find something on a specific topic quickly like “green carpet cleaning” – just enter it in the Search Site function in the upper lefthand corner and it will find all the articles with that info in it.

We appreciate you, our Sandbars To Sunsets readers and are always striving to make this a productive and enjoyable experience. If you have any suggestions – We’d love to hear them.

I’m curious, when you need to find information today,  Do you “google” it or do you use a traditional source like an Encyclopedia?

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  1. Sandi Bauman says:

    Hi Cyndee- You definitely have my vote for the best Real Estate blog! Buyers and sellers in your area are so lucky to have the plethora of information you provide!

  2. Wow,you have another vote here as the best Clearwater Tampa Bay Real Estate blog! Cyndee and Jack Haydon really work hard for your readers!

  3. Sandi – thank you for your kind words. When I’m not hanging in my hammock – I love lounging on The Chico Pink Couch!

    Janis – You are so kind – the good news is for those buyers and sellers that choose the East Coast of Florida – I can send them over to the Port Orange Florida real estate expert. 🙂

  4. This was a great video of the evolution of information! You did good! Your blog has come a long way!

  5. Thanks Cyndee- Best Blog on the Beach! Clearwater Beach. Your condo buyers need information fast. And a fun trip down memory lane–1995, the “Hyped Internet” and now, no shelfs. Fascinating. Terry McDonald

  6. Katerina – thank you – it’s amazing what a difference a year makes. Appreciate your visit.

    Terry – appreciate your kind words – we keep tweaking to bring more to the experience for our readers.

  7. Cyndee – I have read your work for almost a year now and I am always amazed at your knowledge about the local real estate market in Clearwater Beach. Your new blog is a must read for anyone looking for info about the Clearwater area.

  8. Cyndee, you continue to write and post terrific material. I only wish I knew how to do all that stuff! Great work.

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