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Sometimes when we Clearwater FL Realtors talk about local real estate market reports and what’s going on day to day it may feel overly factual, informational and analytical like reading the business section of the newspaper. I can assure you that’s only one piece of the process. That information is very important and at the center of making good decisions however buying Clearwater FL homes is all about helping families, real people and quite possibly your future neighbor.

Buying a home in today’s market is fraught with challenges and the need for good advice. For example most seller’s don’t know that if they have a home buyer purchasing their home and they are getting an FHA  loan when they get an appraisal – whatever that appraiser reports as your home’s value – good or heaven forbid bad – that appraisal will now be attached to your home for 6 months…think you might want to know that when considering potential offers? Ok, I got off track, anyhow today is a day to share the happy moments – after all the hurdles have been jumped and the negotiations are done – it’s the day that we got to celebrate with a couple that we had worked diligently with for 5 months (on a “preapproved” short sale – that’s another story for another day) to make their Florida pool house dream come true.

This it’s what it’s all about for us => Hear from this Home Buyer

I’m curious, now that we have so much information at our finger tips with twitter, facebook, linkedin, yelp,youtube etc. –  Do you feel more empowered when deciding who to work with?

If you’re looking for a Clearwater FL Realtor we’d like you to know that we are passionate about being your real estate advocate. We’re committed to delivering Results daily based on Integrity, Knowledge & Experience – helping you find the perfect Clearwater FL homes for sale.

We’d like to be YOUR Clearwater Real Estate Team!

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  1. So happy to see buyers are coming back into the market!

  2. Hey Matt, thanks for stopping by. We are happy to see buyers still getting bargains – the biggest challenge is appraisers are being very conservative and sellers are shocked at what they are getting for their homes – hoping for the best – often getting much lower.

    Did you know if you are selling your home to an FHA buyer and the appraisal comes in low – that appraisal sticks with that home for 6 months right now so all future buyers have to use that appraisal for 6 months – OUCH!

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