Clearwater Florida – Are you killing your kids and pets Cleaning?

As we approach the holidays and families prepare for guest and companies I became aware of some surprising information.

  1. You need to reserve your spot to have your carpets cleaned NOW or you may not get the one and
  2. You need to understand your eco-friendly carpet cleaning options and why your care!

Did you know when you clean your carpets you may slowing be poisoning your kids and pets?

While your floors may now look great – at what price? With young kids playing on the floor and pets often laying on the floor they run the risk of ingesting very toxic chemicals.

Read what Larry West, National Environmental Issues expert, explains in a recent article that “Traditional commercial carpet-cleaning solutions contain a cocktail of noxious synthetic chemicals. One, perchloroethylene, commonly called “perc” in the industry, is a notorious dry cleaning additive known to cause dizziness, fatigue and nausea if ingested or inhaled. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also links perc to kidney and liver damage. Another chemical, naphthalene, a solvent manufactured from coal tar, is considered toxic to the human central nervous system and a possible carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.” Click here for complete article: Where to Find Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Options.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning offers solutions to Clearwater Florida Home Owners

We are lucky in Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area to have one of the best Carpet Cleaning companies I’ve ever seen who also specialize in Green Solutions which includes:

  • Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning,
  • Eco-Friendly Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning,
  • Eco-Friendly Odor Removal,
  • Eco-Friendly Tile and Grout Cleaning;

I asked Rick Griesheimer, (727–639–8035) Owner, Inside Carpets and More to explain why consider Green Carpet Cleaning in your home:

Real Estate Video by Clearwater Real Estate Agent Cyndee Haydon

Leading the Clearwater Florida Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Trend

Rick Griesheimer, (727–639–8035) is a long standing 30 year member of the Clearwater and Tampa Bay business community and also the owner of Inside Carpets and More is a carpet cleaning professional you can trust. His philospohy is “We clean for health first and the apprearance follows”

He takes his ongoing education seriously and is certified in zero residue and EPA approved products. He has held the Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification (IICRC designation) for 14 years – the mark of a carpet cleaning expert.

So what does IICRC mean to you and your Clearwater Home? It mean’s that at Inside Carpet and More they use:

  • EPA Safe products in your home so not unintended toxins left behind;
  • Zero residual left in the carpet so it’s safe for your kids and pets
  • They ensure the proper disposal of waste water – to protect our environment and your home.

His stays busy and works mostly by referral, especially at this time of year so let him know Cyndee & Jack Haydon referred him. He offer’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ve had home sellers and real estate investors who thought they would have to replace their carpets and after Rick’s carpet cleaning team worked their magic – they said “it looks brand new” and another told us “I’d feel comfortable eating off it” – which was important since they had a little one who was still crawling on the floor and we all know kids pick stuff up off the floor and put it in their mouth.

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  1. Hey Cyndee – Awesome job on the post! What great information to share. I have never thought about the chemicals used in cleaning carpets being harmful. Very important and useful information.

    Your Design looks incredible….and I love those Blue Backyards you have there! Thanks again for all of your help!

  2. Chad – thanks for the kind words – things are coming along.

  3. Cyndee – The chemicals used to make the carpets are toxic and then cleaning them just adds to the “toxic soup”. Good to have an eco-friendly alternative in Clearwater Florida! – Ashley

  4. I think using green products that are environmentally friendly as well as kid and pet friendly are extremely important. Putting toxins on my carpets that affects those that I love is never worth getting a stain out, keep up the good work.

  5. Wow

    What a cracking site you have developed, I’m glad your not my competition LOL.

    Video testimonials lots of informative content, it must be great for business.

    We do eco carpet cleaning and get more and more requests. It’s the future of Carpet Cleaning.



  6. I really enjoyed all of your instructions. I would like to thank you for taking the time to write this blog. But I just have one question; do you have an RSS Feed I can subscribe to? Please let me know. Thanks a lot.

  7. Green products are “in thing” in these days. A great post to understand how carpet cleaning can affect our normal life. Every parents must read before contacting any local cheap carpet cleaning company.

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