Clearwater Florida Prepares for Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year around Clearwater to cut loose, decorate your home or condo, carve a pumpkin and enjoy the lighter side of life by dressing up, attending Halloween parties and even going trick or treating with the kids.

Before you go out – Did you know that in the state of Florida, not just in the City of Clearwater, it is actually Illegal to wear a mask in public is you are over the age of 16. It’s true. Now you might be wondering why? Well the way I understand it is that it is actually aimed at robbers – especially with respect to banks and convenient stores.

So if you are planning to attend a Clearwater party or be out in the Clearwater or Tampa Bay area – be sure to take your mask off before going into public places to be safe. 🙂

We always enjoy a good laugh and this was just for fun on Friday!

Halloween is just 5 days and counting – are you looking for Fun things to do in Clearwater? Here’s a list of things we found and thought we’d share:

Clearwater Florida Things to do

The City of Clearwater is hosting several Clearwater Halloween Events around town most are free or low cost – phone numbers were included for you to be able to get more details.

Tonight, Friday 10/26/07

  • 6–8pm Halloween Spooktacular – Countryside Recreation Center for ages 13 and under. More info (727) 669–1914
  • 5:30–8:30pm Parents Night Out Halloween Party – Morningside Recreation Center for kids Kindergarten to 8th grade. More info call (727) 507–4064
  • 7:30–9:30pm Fright Night at Ross Norton Recreation Complex – for ages 6–11. More info call (727) 462–6025

Saturday 10/27/07

  • 7pm Halloween Enchanted Forest at Moccasin Lake Nature Park – Enchanted night hike for all ages. More info at (727) 462–6024

Tuesday 10/30/07

  • 6–8pm – Halloween Carnival at the Clearwater Beach Recreation Center at 69 Bay Esplanade. For more information call (727) 462–6138

Wednesday 10/31/07 – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  • 3pm – Childrens Costume Parade at the Clearwater Main Library Free trick or treating around the Library – wear your costume – More info call (727) 562–4970
  • 5:30–8:30pm – Boo Bash at the Bright House Network Field on Old Coachman Road – Free Trick or Treating provided by local merchants. For more info call (727) 712–4300 or (727) 562–4800

Have a great weekend and if you see a Clearwater Beach condo or Clearwater home for sale that interests you just give us a call – we can go incognito, I have a spare set of Groucho Marx glasses or two. TGIF from Clearwater Beach Florida.

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  1. Brandon FL Real Estate says:

    What a terrific list of opportunities for Clearwater Halloween Fun!! **And I love the video of YOUR SON as he is the 2 faced moustache man…I could hear YOU GIGGLIN’ before you shut off the video! Loved it!! Thanks for the Halloween Treat on the reader’s side. ~Susie~

  2. Cyndee: interesting that masks are banned, but not surprising. I recall when i was a younger person going to Georgetown in D.C. on Halloween. It was crazy/awesome. They closed the streets and it was basically a walking costume party.

    What I observed, though, was that there was a lot of behavior that you would not have ordinarily seen because people were disguised. A lot of lewd behavior, groping, that sort of thing. I think that they have really toned down halloween in Georgetown these days as a result.

    Yesterday, i walked into my children’s elementary school fully disguised to be the “mystery reader” in a kindergarten class. I could have been any sort of predator…i walked right in. They did observe me at the front desk, but still, it gave me a second thought.

    So, not surprising masks are not allowed anywhere in FL…I can only image a full out halloween street party in south florida where half the people were masked…talk about not being responsible for you actions.

    Thanks for the blog…love it.


  3. Cyndee – Halloween isn’t what it use to be is it? Trick or treating in the Malls has replaced most neighborhood fun. Sounds like there is lots of spooktacular fun in Clearwater Florida this year. I love the video he is adorable! – Ashley

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