Clearwater Florida – Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Clearwater Florida – You may not know but Florida’s attracts more than snowbirds this time of year. Florida is a bird watching mecca and Clearwater has many spots to view them.

I love photographing various birds when I come to on our Tampa Bay Beaches. I’ve shared a few of my Fowl Friend photos here.

There have been over 500 species of birds spotted in Florida along our Great Florida Bird Trail. This “Fowl” Trail is made up of 2000 miles of self guided Florida birding along our highway trails. Yes, you read right – I said 2000 miles!!!

We have several spots here along our Pinellas County highways and you might have noticed the Great Bird Trail Markers as seen below along US Highway 60 about halfway across the road connecting Clearwater to Tampa Florida.  Also one of my favorite spots on the trail is in Tierra Verde Florida at Fort Desoto Park and Beach. If you stop by the ranger’ s station they have free guides as well.

Did you know that the state of Florida has:

  • 445 birding sites located throughout Florida.
  • over 481 birds native to Florida;
  • 12 non-natives;
  • and 4 native birds that are currently on the extinction list.

Information provided by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Your Guide to Bird watching in Tampa Bay Florida

These trails were designed to conserve and promote “Florida’s bird habitat by promoting birdwatching activities, conservation education and economic opportunity” (Source: GFBT Home page)

The Great Florida Bird trail is divided into 4 Sections and each one has it’s own birding trail guide.

If you are interested in looking for birds in Pasco County, Pinellas County and Hillsborough County you will find all the birding sites and trails listed in a down-loadable guide – the West Section Guide

I have enjoyed checking out the sites in Clearwater, Dunedin, Tierra Verde, St Petersburg and Tampa.

The information for the Great Florida Birding Trail is also available in Spanish.

FREE Things to do in Clearwater Florida

In this day and age where the cost of everything seems to be rising it’s great to know you can have fun in Clearwater Florida (or any of the other Tampa Bay birding hot spots) while you learn by participating in the Wings Over Florida program. The Wings Over Florida , a FREE award program, is open to everyone – whether you’re a Clearwater | Tampa Bay resident or not.

The Wings Over Florida program encourages everyone to identify as many Florida native birds as you can. Earn levels for your birdwatching from “Beginner” to “Elite Florida Birder” and you’ll be awarded your Florida bird watching certificates.

Bird watching For Kids in Pinellas County

There’s also a great program to introduce younger kids (those ages 3rd grade and up) to birding in Florida – it’s called the Wings Over Florida Junior Birder Program.  Check it our online – They provide Student / Teacher resources so you can create your own bird scavenger hunt and other fun activities. It’s great for Florida home schooled children too.

The Great Florida Bird Trail website has lots of tips and techniques for the beginner to the most experienced bird watcher.

They provide:

  • birding checklist,
  • bird guides,
  • info on which sites you can expect to see which birds.

Hope this provides you with some new ideas of things to do in the Clearwater | St Petersburg | Tampa Bay area.

Have you ever tried bird-watching? What’s your favorite spot or story?

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  1. Love that third picture! …I had never heard of a “birding trail..

  2. Terry McDonald says:

    I like your point about Free Things To Do in the Clearwater area – particularly folk with families, a trip to an aquarium or sporting event might need a separate line item in their budget. I like free, and I’ve seen some of the most amazing birds on our many trips to Florida.

  3. My favorite picture here is the birds playing in the shallow water at sunset. It reminds me of all the tourists who stroll up & down looking for shells after the tide is out. GREAT SHOT! Susie – Brandon, FL

  4. Sandi – It’s amazing how extensive it is – 2000 miles – and 100’s of types of birds – we do have lots of offer the bird enthusiast!

    Susie – thanks – my favorite way to spot them is through my camera lens – 🙂

    Terry – We are fortunate to live in the Tampa Bay area where so many fun things to do with kids or adults is free – our beaches, our parks, outdoor entertainment at Pier 60 and Coachman Park and yes add birding to the list!

  5. Cyndee – You have a treasure cove of so many activities which can be enjoyed year round. I didn’t see any white haired birds here:)

  6. Cyndee – 2000 miles is a whole lot of bird watching! What a great outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy. Good thing for digital cameras with that many birds to shoot! – Ashley

  7. polly case says:

    hello, do you have any information on birding sites in teh Safety Harbor area please, and any walking trails that we are likely to come across good birding sites. Thank you so much

  8. Really great information once again. Have to say it’s my first time stumbling across this site and I’m very impressed with the amount of information there is for local Clearwater residents. I have friends in the area who could definitely benefit from all this information. Bird watching information in a real estate blog, what more could you ask for? Way to go!

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