Clearwater Florida Home Mortgage Update – When Your Mortgage Broker Can’t Deliver – Tampa Bay Mortgage Expert Can!

Clearwater Florida Home Mortgage Report – Is your Home Loan Going Up in Smoke?

We are seeing the Tampa Bay Mortgage Industry like the rest of the world changing quickly before our eyes and many home buyers or those looking at Clearwater Condominiums for sale who thought they had a mortgage in the works these days are finding out they don’t.

Imagine my sadness when one of our clients called today just crushed and in a panic – they had found their dream home and were in the home loan process and now it was all going up in smoke before their eyes. They wanted to know what they could do now that they had decided to work with a local Tampa Bay mortgage broker they knew (instead of ones we recommended)  and they weren’t going to be able to get them a home mortgage.

I wish I could say this was the first time we have experienced this. When  we became Clearwater real estate agents and before we found the best Clearwater mortgage lenders to work with we saw this happen way to often. We were happy to be able to refer them to the Clearwater home loan experts we know to help them get their Clearwater home loan.

Tampa Mortgage Expert Saves Clearwater Home Loan from Going Up In Smoke

In today’s dynamic market, lots of 100% financing and zero down payment loans are getting harder to find and you really should be working with a Tampa Bay direct lender who knows what they CAN do – not what they are hoping someone else MAY do. This is one of the top reasons we stress the importance of working with a Tampa Bay Mortgage Expert that is also a Lender, and can fight for you, not just a broker when you have a choice. In our experience the odds of your home loan actually happening increase significantly.


We have found Leah Ross to be one of the best mortgage consultants we’ve ever worked with because she always tells people that meet with her the truth and the company – Amerifirst offers the best of both worlds in my opinion by being a Direct Lender and a broker – so they have access to over 392 different home loan and mortgage options and programs.

Clearwater Home Loan Consultant’s Solutions Facilitate Families Dreams

Over the last year, acting as a true mortgage consultant, she has found out what each family or person needed and then demonstrated her expertise by helping these clients with a wide variety of needs get the best possible mortgage and home loan to purchase their Clearwater | Tampa Bay condo or home.

  • She helped a Veteran get his first home on dry land now that he’s no longer living on a navy Ship in an area golf community town home using a VA home loan;
  • She’s helped several families using the various FHA loans including ones that provide funds for improvements and rehab work on homes;
  • She’s helped foreign nationals buy luxury condos and vacation homes here from Canada; England and more;
  • She’s helped 55+ clients down-sizing get a great loan in the later stages of their home purchasing years (Clients give her video testimonial);
  • She’s a jumbo loan expert which has really helped families needing a jumbo loan when buying a vacation beach home or waterfront condo here and arranged for smooth transactions when they are located in other parts of the country.

Clearwater Florida Real Estate

Are you looking to buy a Clearwater Home with a pool or maintenance free Clearwater Condo? Here’s what some of our past clients have to say about how we helped them….


Home and Condo Buyers tell us that selecting the best Clearwater Real Estate Agent, especially online or from a distance, can be a challenge. Some of our past clients agreed to share their experiences and tell you why they think you should work with us.

Click on the photos below and meet some of our clients and now friends…we’d love to be YOUR choice too!

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