Clearwater Florida – Just wanted to remind everyone who purchased Clearwater Florida homes or changed your status’s last year (i.e if you purchased a new primary residence in 2011) then you have until March 1st to apply for Florida’s Homestead Exemption. This exemptions saves the typical Clearwater home owner $500 to $800 however most people are excited that it caps how much taxes can rise in a given year.

I was showing a Clearwater Beach condo for sale at Mandalay Beach Club last week and because units at the Sandpearl Residences had sold for over $2 million last year this condo saw it’s “just market value” (the amout the Pinellas County Property Appraiser calculates your property taxes) go up 30% – YIKES!!!

For those that bought Clearwater Florida homes – you can apply for the exemption (1)online or (2) at any of the Pinellas County Offices.

10 Things you Need for Homestead Exemption

This is a list of items the Pinellas County Property Appraiser will want you to have when you appl:

  1. driver’s license number and expiration date,
  2. place of birth,
  3. where you lived prior to here,
  4. date you became a resident,
  5. date you purchased the property,
  6. social security number,
  7. are you employed and location,
  8. phone contact info and permission to gather information like phone or utility records to show you live here,
  9. also asked if you own or lease a vehicle
  10. The address you used on your last federal income tax return

And remember if you are looking to buy or sell  Clearwater Florida homes or condos, Jack and I welcome the opportunity to discuss the market with you and your particular situation. Just give us a call for the most up today information that’s happening in the Beach real estate markets along our 26 miles of beaches.

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    Great video and I understood the ideas/information even though I not an American citizen.

  3. Hi Cyndee, not a home owner in Florida, but it looks like you are giving important information and help to your community.

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    Good info, Cyndee! Many people move to Florida, but forget to take advantage of the homestead exemption.

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    Great video and I understood the ideas/information even though I not an American citizen.

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