Clearwater Roadtrip to Florida State Capitol

Clearwater Florida – I visited Tallahasse last week with a group of Pinellas County leaders and got an update on what’s happening with issues that effect Clearwater Florida Real Estate.

You know I was particularly interested what’s happening with options for Clearwater home owners insurance and information about our Florida Property Taxes and I got lots of good info.

Clearwater Florida Real Estate Insurance Options

We met with Governor Crist who told us about the property tax progress we’re making and about a new website .

This is a site that shows you lots of insurance companies offering Clearwater home owners a range of rates offered by various companies. The Governor told us this didn’t cost any money – it was the free-enterprise system at work.

Here’s what the Governor had to say about the positive trend happening in Florida:

[youtube width=”300″ height=”225″][/youtube]

(Just a note: The reference in the video to $11,000 was in response to concern someone shared since they got a notice that their homeowner’s insurance was doubling with no reason in what sounded to all of us like a normal home – not waterfront, not flood zone for example  -his message was to empower yourself to check out your options because he felt consumers have lots more options now and are in control than they may realize.)

Companies that want to be competitive can see what other insurance companies are offering and offer property owners their best option. You can search by county so here’s a snapshot of what comes up for Pinellas County and Clearwater Florida real estate.

It was surprising to see how big the range of home insurance prices was… from $1,351 to $3,614 – Wow that’s a big range – almost 3 times from top to bottom. The Governor’s message to us was to encourage all of us to be proactive and research your home insurance options. Looks like great advice for all of us.

If you are thinking of buying or selling your Clearwater Florida Real Estate – we’re here to help. You can call us at (727) 422-8901 or feel free to search the complete Tampa Bay MLS with photos to see all the homes of condos for sale in the Clearwater – Tampa Bay area.

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  1. Cyndee,
    Is that you pictured with the Governor?

    Wondered if the mortgage insurers are effecting Clearwater?

    Sounds as though the property taxes are down which is always a “good thing.”

  2. Yes Gena – it is – thanks for visiting. It was a great trip. 🙂

    Our insurance options are expanding and we’re all praying for another year of no storms hitting Florida – it’s the looming issue for us – the good news is the new website gives people access to more options.

  3. Hi Cyndee,

    Did you know that we used to live in Florida? Our taxes in 1998 were over $3,500 per year for a home we sold for $250,000. My current California taxes are less for a house worth far more. Our taxes are based on what we paid for the home. I can even sell this house and take my tax base with me to some California counties. That means I can buy an oceanfront home like this Huntington Beach Home ( and pay less than I paid in Florida taxes for a 3.5 million dollar home.

    Does Florida still not tax manufactured houses?

    All in all, I miss Florida, especially the springs.



  4. Cyndee, great picture with the governor. Also, loved the use of video to enhance this post. Great information for Clearwater residents!

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