Clearwater FLorida Real Estate Market Update – Pools Homes – September 2007 Sales

Clearwater Florida Real Estate – Pool Homes

At SandbarstoSunsets, Jack and I specialize in helping people find their dream condo or home with the bluest backyards in Clearwater.

While we have water on three sides of us in Pinellas County from our award winning beaches and Tampa’s bay– many people prefer the luxury of a beautiful pool to provide the blue in their Clearwater backyard.

This may explain why pool homes continue to sell for more on average than non-pool homes and seem to hold their market value better.

Clearwater Pool Homes for Sale

When I searched Clearwater Homes for Sale in the Tampa Bay MLS today I found there are currently 338 Clearwater Homes for Sale with pools. These homes for sale range in price from a $124,900 bargain home to a Clearwater Luxury waterfront pool home on Clearwater Beach for $4,975,000.

  • Clearwater Pool Homes under $200,000 – 18 Pool Homes for sale in Clearwater;
  • Clearwater Pool Homes from $200,001 and under $300,000 – 85 Pool Homes for sale in Clearwater;
  • Clearwater Pool Homes from $300,001 and under $400,000 67 Pool Homes for sale in Clearwater;
  • Clearwater Pool Homes from $400,001 and under $500,000 37 Pool Homes for sale in Clearwater;
  • Clearwater Pool Homes from $500,000 under $750,000 – 41 Pool Homes for sale in Clearwater;
  • Luxury Clearwater Pool Homes over $750,001 under $1,000,000 – 40 Pool Homes for sale in Clearwater;
  • Luxury Clearwater Pool Homes over $1,000,000 – 50 Pool Homes for sale in Clearwater;

How are Clearwater Florida Homes with Pools selling now?

We believe that when you have good information your decisions are easy. Here’s the latest Clearwater Real Estate market reports on Clearwater Pool Homes.  

In September we saw of the Clearwater Pool Homes for Sale – only 21 sold, which was approaching the 12 month low of January and February of this year. With summer being over and schools in session we expect to see a drop in sales. If you have a Clearwater Pool Home for Sale – it’s important to make sure your pool is in tip top shape so it’s an asset and not a liability.

The number of days it’s taking to sell a Clearwater Pool Home spiked again as we see the summer home buying season come to an end. Many of the people moving to Clearwater have either made a short term decision to rent or have found already a Pool Home to buy. Right now for Clearwater Pool Homes the average time it’s taking to sell is just over 3 months at 97.62 days.

After a strong month in August where Clearwater Pool Homes sold for $305,500 on average we saw the average price for a Clearwater Pool Homes drop to $250,000 which is definitely a bargain. This is the lowest median price we’ve seen for those looking to buy a Clearwater Pool Home in over one year. If you want to buy a pool home – now is a great time to get a real bargain.

Clearwater Florida Real Estate

Are you relocating to Clearwater Florida? Are looking to buy a Clearwater Pool Home? Here’s what some of our past clients have to say about how we helped them….


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