Clearwater Florida kicks off Breast Cancer 3–Day Walk

This year the 60 mile Susan G Komen Tampa Bay Breast Cancer 3–Day Race has extra meaning to me so when a women I don’t know knocked at my door one day asking me to sponsor her in the walk of course I said yes.

She told me she is a Breast Cancer survivor and she is one of the special women I will have on my mind this weekend. I have had 3 friends who have battled breast cancer this past year. Two have Stage 4 and are truly battling for their life. One of my friends is Karen George. She is an amazing woman and a talented Arizona Mortgage Broker that I have worked closely with this past year. She has written a Fighting Breast Cancer blog and shared her experience in hopes to help others as they are fighting breast cancer – I encourage you to visit – I have donated to her cause and hope others will help her in her fight as well.

I also have a close friend, Ashley Drake Gephart, who is a top real estate agent in Albuquerque NM and she also has been touched by friends fighting Breast Cancer and her talented daughter, Natty, created this video about battling breast cancer and as women never giving up.

Sand Key Park – Clearwater Florida is the Starting Spot

The race will be held this weekend October 19–21, 2007 and will begin at 7:30am on Saturday October 19th at 1060 Gulf Blvd. Sand Key Park Clearwater FL 33767. The walk will finally end at Spa Beach Park (next to the St Petersburg Pier) in Saint Petersburg, Florida and they will have the closing ceremonies at  5:30pm on the 21st.

The weather is predicting rain Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon – let’s hope it’s light and provides some comfort to those on the walk.

For more information, call 800-462-9273.

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  1. Ashley – she is one caring and talented young lady. Thanks for sharing it with me,

  2. Brandon FL Real Estate says:

    Cyndee – this is a terrific post for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! The 3-day walk is such a great cause and I’m thrilled to hear you sponsored a survivor for the Sand Key Park Walk in Clearwater. I’ve never had anyone come to my door…how could anyone say “NO?”

    Ashley’s daughter did a fabulous job on her video.

    Excellent resource for Clearwater! ~ Susie

  3. Cyndee, thanks for this post. I have a number of family members and friends who have had or still have breast cancer and it needs to be stamped out! Speaking of stamps, buying the Breast cancer stamp helps to fund research. It is 55c instead of 41c, but the difference goes to the cause. They are the only stamps I buy and I don’t meter mail either!
    BTW, Natty’s video was wonderful!

  4. I’ve heard of these 3-Day races are held all over the world. Is a good thing to help raise lobular breast cancer awareness.

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