Clearwater Real Estate – Avoid these Top 5 Mistakes to get Clearwater Homes SOLD

Clearwater Florida – Are you looking to sell your Clearwater Beach or Tampa Bay home or condo?  Avoid making these Clearwater real estate mistakes to have a nice smooth sale of your Clearwater home!

Just as Portsmouth New Hampshire home and condo owners need to pay heed to this list of mistakes to avoid, Clearwater Beach property owners will want to avoid them as well.

1)  Don’t show your home or condo before it’s really ready – I know you’ve likely heard that old adage, “you never get a second chance to create a really good first impression”.  Well, that’s so very true in real estate as well.  Make sure your home is decluttered, clean, shiny and ready to make those potential buyers feel like you really are serious about selling your home.  Make sure potential buyers can see your home and not your stuff.

2)  Don’t price your home incorrectly, or don’t delay in correcting the price if needed – at times, it is difficult to determine the correct price on your home, and other times, it’s easy to determine the proper price based on the market comparables.  Don’t test the market with a price higher than your professional REALTOR shows you is the right price.  You’ll cost yourself time, money, and you’ll feel lots of frustration.  If the price you have on your Clearwater Beach home or condo turns out to be the wrong price, be quick to adjust it to where it needs to be.  Buyers have far too many choices in today’s market, and they’ll just move on to other properties that they perceive to be better values for the money.

3)  Don’t play the waiting game – those sellers that need to sell need to just get their homes or condos on the market.  Don’t try to time the Clearwater real estate market – not even the best of the experts can do that correctly.  If you need to sell, just do it.  Price it correctly, get it in great showing condition, listen to the advice of your professional Tampa Bay REALTOR, and you’ll be able to move on.

4)  Don’t miss the opportunity of working with the first offer you receive – too many times, we see Clearwater home sellers miss the boat on the first offer.  Their feeling is that they’ve priced their home too low – not the case at all.  The best and most motivated buyers are those already in the market when you property comes up for sale.  They’ve already seen what’s for sale and it didn’t meet their needs.  Your property comes up for sale, they view it, and it’s just right for them – and you now have an offer.  If you get an offer from one of those buyers, give it very serious consideration.  Your first offer is typically your best offer, and there may not be another one for some time.  Get it done with that offer, if you can!

5) Don’t hire the wrong REALTOR – find a Clearwater Beach REALTOR who’s on top of today’s market, is internet savvy, and with whom you’ve built a good rapport.  There are too many people out there who’ll tell you just what they think you want to hear.  You need a professional who’ll work hard for you and who knows the market thoroughly.  Who you choose to represent you can make a huge difference in how other REALTORS in the market will work to show your property to their potential buyers.  Check the REALTOR you’re considering out online – google them to see what kind of presence they have.  Buyers start their search online, make sure your REALTOR has a great online presence and embraces today’s technology.

 Contributed byAnn Cummings – Portsmouth NH REALTOR of RE/MAX Coast to Coast Properties – specializing in Portsmouth New Hampshire Real Estate Homes Condos

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