Clearwater Florida Sunset Series

Living on the west coast of Florida means great sunsets are just one of the many perks. Living on the Gulf of Mexico – we catch lots of great Clearwater sunsets on the water and off.

When I was looking for the perfect quote this one caught my eye this week. While it’s not purely for the sunset – many of you may enjoy the sentiment as you head into a new week at work!

Here’s our favorite sunset of the week that we took. If you have a sunset you want to share just email it to me at

This week in Clearwater Florida we had a record cold week in the 30’s (a low established over 50 years ago) however today it was back in the 70’s 🙂 now that’s what I’m talking about.

I have to admit looking at this beautiful sunset photo warms me up even now. It also showcases one of the favorite past times in the Tampa Bay area…boating, crusing, sailing, fishinglife on the water is a joy many share.

Clearwater Real Estate Agents Favorite Florida Sunset

May all your Tampa Bay sunsets be beautiful ones this week and here’s hoping your boat isn’t rocked by the guy who’s NOT rowing! 🙂

Do you have  a local Tampa Bay Florida sunset to share?

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  1. Sandi – thought you’d love that sunset! Looking forward to a great week – it’s going to be back to 80 degrees tomorrow!

  2. Cyndee – Another beautiful Sunday sunset and a bonus with a great quote! Have a beautiful warm week. I am heading back to Indy, where it is colder…….brrrrr.

  3. So true… It will be 70 in Charlotte today too! Have a great week Cyndee. Terry McDonald

  4. What serenity. Wish I was in the photo at this very moment. Who needs the cold and rain ?

  5. Paula – Glad we could warm you up a little this week! 🙂

    Terry – Ha – we got you beat – it’s be 80 degrees here however, I must say 70 in the winter in Charlotte is pretty darn nice!!

  6. This scene really makes me wish I hadn’t sold our boat. Love your sunsets!!

  7. Nothing like seeing a nice sunset over the water in warm sunny Florida. I know you get some nice sunsets, as does Pensacola. It is back up in the 70’s here also, after a few nights in the teens.

  8. Sunset of the week? Wow…great way to lure anyone not quite convinced that Tampa Bay Beaches are truly the BEST PLACE to be in the Winter! Brandon – Susie Roscoe

  9. Florida, thats the place i like most. Thanks for giving some informations about Florida. A nice post.

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