Clearwater St Petersburg Tampa Home Sales Up 11% Year to Year in October

Clearwater Florida -We all know this Clearwater Real Estate Market has been slow for home sellers and last month I wrote an article wondering whether we were hitting the bottom of this down market.

Clearwater – Tampa – St Petersburg Home Prices and Sales Update

Well The Tampa Bay Business Journal reported some good news this week Tampa Bay / Clearwater home sales are up 11% year to year in the month of October. We believe this is because we are still in a strong buyers market with lots of home sellers resorting to short sales to get their homes sold since most owe more on their homes than they are worth.

I would say that at least part of the increase is homes sold is due to (1) Banks are now moving faster on these Tampa – St Petersburg – Clearwater short sale properties for sale. Unlike a local teacher we’ve been helping buy a home who had to wait 5 months to get a bank to approve the home sellers short sale request (showing the importance of having a Clearwater Realtor who is experienced in short sales be your listing agent).

The second factor we see is the difference when skilled short sale Realtors, like us, are representing the Tampa Bay home sellers and are able to often expedite the process for example one of our recent home sellers was delighted that we successfully negotiated with their bank to get their short sale approved within 2 weeks which means they were able to sell their home quickly for todays top dollar and not be chasing the market down or worse yet face foreclosure.

I wish it was ALL good news however if you’re thinking of buying or selling it’s important to note that we’re still in a strong buyers market and it’s hard to believe that Tampa – St Petersburg Clearwater “median sales prices were down 26 percent from $205,600 in October 2007 to $152,300 last month.”. Wow if you are thinking of buying a home now is still a great time and we are seeing great deals especially considering all the Clearwater short sales and pre-foreclosure properties for sale !!

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Clearwater – Tampa – St Petersburg Condo Prices and Sales Update

The news is not so rosy for those that want to sell their condominiums in the Tampa Bay real estate market. Only 399 Tampa Bay condos sold in October, which means the number actually selling is down 12 percent from Tampa Bay condo sales in 2007. The news is also bad for Tampa Bay condo prices as well – the median Tampa – St Petersburg – Clearwater condo prices dropped 28 percent from $173,300 to $125,200.

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The reality is that today in the Tampa Bay real estate market homes are selling for what they sold for in 2004. If you bought your property in the last 5 years or utilized your home’s equity you may owe more on your home than it will appraise for which means selling for what you owe in todays market almost impossible without an approved short sale. It’s important that you act now, be proactive and get professional advice now.

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