Decorating Mistakes when Relocating to Clearwater Florida Area

Decorating Mistakes when Relocating

Clearwater Florida – Relocation to a new destination brings with it many considerations beyond the obvious.  Naturally one wants wants to make good decisions in purchasing the best home possible.  When it comes to actually moving in, it is important to plan ahead way before  the moving truck pulls into your driveway.

Predetermining what to move and what to leave behind will eliminate wasted effort with added benefit of saving a few dollars.

Closet cleaning, garage culling are a great place to start.  Evaluate each item with your destination in mind.  Chances are the snow blower and set of matching family snow shovels can be sold at a garage sale.  Your opportunity to use them is about equal to your opportunity to sell them when moving to Clearwater Beach!

Conversely if you are leaving Clearwater Florida for a Denver Relocation, you may need room in your closet for some hiking boots, so pair down your collection of flip-flops, two or three pairs should do you just fine!

Furnishings also need to be evaluated!

Your sea shore themed home is perfect in Clearwater Florida, but it will lose its charm in the foothills of the Rockies!  Or if your Colorado mountain home is adorned with cute little carved bears and Bullwinkle the Moose towels, you best leave them behind.

My examples are  exaggerated to illustrate a point.   I love Bullwinkle as much as the next person, but he certainly looses his charm and simply looks out of place on the beach!

When moving to a new location, it is a good idea to take inventory on what should go and what can stay.  Doing so early in the game means less cost to haul furniture across country only to have it be thrown in the trash at the new destination.

What can you do with all your stuff?

Don’t feel guilty about getting rid of things you don’t need.  You can donate items to charitable organizations, families in need or advertise them on your local Craigslist.  I’ve even pulled large items  out to the curb and placed a sign on them saying, “FREE FOR THE HAULING” and found myself smiling when they magically disappear!

If you are decorator challenged like me, you will be happy to know there are people who will come to your home and help you. Professionally, trained decorators know how to stage your current home to sell and can prepare you for what to take and what to leave behind before you embark to your new destination.

Hiring someone to help you make decorating  decisions might just revitalize your spirits and be the key to having a pleasant move to your exciting new destination!

About the AuthorKristal Kraft sells Denver Real Estate.  As a New Jersey Transplant she knows the joys of living both on the beach and in the Mile High City of Denver.

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