Sharing something other than Clearwater Fl homes for sale – today is our kind of winter day – 76 degrees and sunny. We have family in town so we are doing the “tourist” thing taking a day and enjoying the beach. Kids are so funny – they will get in any water…regardless of temperature. Unfortunately the weekend looks to be cooler – of course nothing compared to the 10 to 20 inches of snow hitting the northeast.

Tomorrow I’ll be showing waterfront Clearwater FL houses, Clearwater beach homes including homes on the water in Belleair Beach to Redington Beach – sure is better in warm weather! Another warm update from your local Clearwater FL Realtors,

Our passion is being our client’s real estate advocate delivering Results daily based on Integrity, Knowledge & Experience – helping you find the perfect Clearwater FL homes for sale.

We’d like to be YOUR Clearwater Real Estate Team!

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  1. I can’t help but turn green with jealously in hearing about your “winter” weather down there in FL. In contrast, I am sitting indoors (at my office) in Madison WI with the heat cranked up to 70 degrees to no avail. In fact it’s so cold here that my hands are freezing to the point that I’m having to sit on them periodically. Oh and I’m wearing two (count ’em, TWO) thick wool sweaters. Oh well! At least we get to see the seasons change. (It sort of helps to mark the passage of time.) Enjoy your warm weather and your day off! 😉

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