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Things they are a changing in the local Clearwater Real Estate Market including our Gulf Beach communities of Sand Key, Island Estates, Clearwater Beach down to Tierra Verde.

Experience shows that beach home buyer and home sellers used to read “static” Real Estate Agent resumes or profiles on your web-page or corporate web sites when looking to choose a real estate agent and that seemed to suffice.

I’m not seeing that as much today. I believe the bar’s been raised since we now live in the electronic multimedia world of Youtube, Blogs,Email, Automated MLS?

Our Consumers are demanding up-to-date info and agents that are thinking out of the box for today’s “dynamic” Clearwater FL real estate market.

We consider our Clearwater real estate BLOG is now our “dynamic” resume? In it was are able to share:

  • Our negotiating successes;
  • Our effective marketing strategies;
  • Our neighborhood expertise;
  • Our niche expertise;
  • Our values and Our business philosophy;
  • Our client testimonials and more here or on-line somewhere?

We focus on giving prospective Clearwater condo buyers and condo sellers, as well as, our fellow Realtors the information they need to be comfortable choosing US! We have over 9,000 Realtors in my county so our challenge is to…

  • stand out as a Top Real Estate Resource in our area;
  • have our Real Estate BLOG make consumers want to choose us;
  • have our Real Estate BLOG make other Real Estate agents comfortable referring their clients to us;

We have found that our Clearwater Florida real estate BLOGS are a great way for people to meet us and get to know how we approach real estate and how we treat our clients. We have been honored to be selected by many Clearwater Florida Home buyers and Home sellers, as well as, fellow Realtors as their Top Choice of all Clearwater Real Estate Agents (and the Tampa Bay area).

Today I got a call from a fellow Florida Real Estate Agent that was choosing between several Top Pinellas County Real Estate Agents. She planned to interview us all and then decide who would be the best Clearwater real estate agent to serve her long time valued client. These are clients who wants to buy three homes in the Tampa Bay area over the next year

When we spoke I answered all her questions – but we all know “talk can be cheap” so I also encouraged her to visit our Clearwater Real Estate blog to learn more about us. She actually logged on to look while we were on the phone. Are you wondering why that be helpful?

Here are just some of the things I believe your blog can tell people about YOU?

  • They can see the quality and care be put into our articles;
  • They can learn about your areas of knowledge and expertise;
  • They can see your professional style – are you kind, caring, helpful, responsive?
  • They can how we approach our business;
  • They can learn about your ethics and values – not only in what you write but do you copy other’s work, do you take short cuts, do you give credit where credit is do.
  • They can see how your peers view you – do they respect you;
  • They can experience your raving fans through client video testimonials and written ones too.
  • They can see if you are approachable – do you respond to comments in a way they would want to be treated;
  • They can see if you are “listener” who will help them meet their goals or is your style to “TELL” them how it’s going to be;

After looking at our profiles and blogs she actually surprised me and said. “I don’t need to talk to anyone else, I’ve decided I’m very comfortable moving forward with you and your team”. – I believe her comfort came from more than my words on the phone – she got to see and experience what we are like as Realtors.

To me, this is the ultimate compliment and the purpose of our business– that everyone we come in contact with will feel comfortable referring those they care about to us – not out of obligation, but because the believe they will truly benefit from having us be their Realtor.

So If our BLOG is our new RESUME –  How do you think we’re doing?  What else do you think our blogs should include?

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Are you looking to buy a Clearwater Beach Waterfront Home or Island Estates Waterfront Condo? Here’s what some of our past clients have to say about how we helped them….


Buyers tell us that selecting a Clearwater Beach Real Estate Agent,especially online or from a distance, can be a challenge. Some of our past clients agreed to share their experiences and tell you why they think you should work with us.

Click on the photos below and meet some of our clients and now friends…we’d love to be YOUR choice too!

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