Madeira Beach Florida – We have helped hundreds of people buy and sell beach houses and condos from including Madeira Beach area over the last 7 years. Our approach and philosophy has always been to treat our clients the way we like to be treated. To empower, educate and advocate for them when making one of the bigger financial decisions. We enjoy sharing the Florida beach lifestyle with others and our relationship and service doesn’t end at the “closing table”.

We appreciate when past clients who now own a waterfront home in Madeira Beach Florida  and are comfortable sharing their experience with you because we know sometimes it’s hard to filter through all the “Realtor marketing” and decide who you can trust. We are equally excited that on March 5, 2012 we have clients that will be closing on their piece of paradise in Clearwater and we’ll be posting what they had to say about their experience of “shopping for the perfect  home”. They  finally found it and it’s a lovely 2500+ sq ft custom pool home in Clearwater Florida.  While that’ may not sound like what Realtors do everyday – yes and no. One of the things that makes this one special is that we started helping them with their desire to relocate here from New York over four years ago. There were circumstances beyond their control that took a long to resolve but no worries because  we’ve been there keeping them updated on the market and what was available in their price range until the time was right.

Many people interested in buying or selling today want to understand their options and digest all the information on their schedule first and then when the time is right they move forward. We understand this, so you can be comfortable giving us a call or searching for beach condos and homes for sale on our site because we go at your pace with no pressure because when your focus is on customer service you know that if you do the right things day in  and day out – the rest will fall into place.

If you’d like to know more about buying or selling your Clearwater Beach condo (and surrounding beaches) give us a call at 727-710-8036 or email us at

And if you’re looking for a Madeira Beach Realtor we’d like you to know that we are passionate about being your real estate advocate. We’re committed to delivering Results daily based on Integrity, Knowledge & Experience – If you are looking to sell your condo, today we have over 8768 buyers – ask us about how that helps you in today’s real estate market – And if you’re looking to buy then we can help you find the perfect Beach condos for sale.

We’d like to be YOUR  Beach Real Estate Team!

Call Cyndee @ 727.710.8035 or Jack @ 727710.8036

Jack and Cyndee Haydon, Realtors (R)

Clearwater Beach Real Estate
727-710-8035 (Cyndee’s cell)
727-710-8036 (Jack’s cell)


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  1. Bill Lazdowski says:

    Stories like this are great to come across. Also a perfect example of how Social Media Marketing can be utilized in the realty market! A job well done.

  2. Tim Brand says:

    More people should take a chapter from your book. I’ve met some really rude realty people.

  3. Sometimes it’s hard to have such a long sales turnaround but it looks like these clients trust you implicitly. Trust is what we all want tin the people we work with!

  4. Thanks Bill, one good thing for buyers and sellers is people now have a digital footprint which help consumers make informed decisions

  5. Tim, I love what social media has brought to our industry – service is so much more than putting a sign in the yard – And there’s never a reason to be rude in my opinion. Not everyone’s a good match but manners always matter 😀 thanks for taking time to share your real estate experience.

  6. Thank you Sharon, it’s why we love what we do

  7. hi Cyndee, you are a social being extraordinary 🙂 You are my big example for being social, connecting with your local community as well as your virtual community online. Love you!

  8. Catherine White says:

    What a great video, with a cute couple. It makes me want to go there 😀

  9. Thank you – I am so lucky to work this the best people doing a job I love – and you’re right most of our clients first connect with us online – love how technology has made our world smaller yet great customer service face to face is still the key!

  10. They are and I have to agree there is so much to love about Madeira Beach Florida Catherine ;D

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