Sand Key – Clearwater Beach Florida Sunset Series

Clearwater Beach Florida – Today we captured a Clearwater Beach sunset taken from the foot of the Memorial Causeway bridge looking out as the sun set behind the high-span Sand Key Bridge which connects Clearwater Beach and Sand Key Florida.

The island you see in the picture in front of the Sand Key Bridge is actually a protected bird sanctuary – we have several here to provide a safe haven for our natural wildlife – we are also part of the Great Florida Bird Trail.

While today was an overcast day, you can see the sun still puts up a fight to pierce through the clouds and shine through onto Clearwater Beach and our intercoastal waterways.

The good news was that even though it was cloudy on Clearwater Beach and Sand Key Florida – it was still warm enough for Jet skiers to go out and play along Clearwater Beach as you can see in the picture above. Can you believe it was 78 degrees here today – what’s the tempature where you are?

You can see our local birds (Ibises) enjoying the peaceful water and relaxing sunset too.

I think they also enjoy fishing for their dinner here since it’s an active time for fish in Clearwater Harbor along our intercoastal shores and the Memorial Causeway Bridge.

If you have an area Tampa Beach sunset or even a great Pinellas County sunset you want to share just email it to me at; we’d love to feature it here.

Even on days that are cloudy in Clearwater Florida we seem to always have an inspirational sunset.

I was struck by the beauty of today’s sunset with the piercing rays and the more muted colors of light yellow and dusty blues and grey and then watched as it turn a fiery orange as it set on Clearwater Beach and Sand Key – it’s easy to see why we say we have the bluest backyards – from top to bottom we’ve got it all.

For all our Clearwater Beach Christmas and Holiday visitors, like the one seen below, enjoy your time with us and make sure you take time to see one of our best attraction…our nightly sunsets and the best part is it’s free!

Clearwater Beach | Sand Key Bridge Sunset

Wishing you a great a Holiday week of joy and peace to celebrate with your family and friends.

Looking for some Tampa Bay and Tampa Beaches photo contributors – won’t you share your favorite sunset?

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  1. Mary De Luca says:

    Is there ever a bad sunset in Clearwater? I think not.

  2. The temperature outside my home is 10F up here is Breckenridge, Colorado. Just looking at the picture I feel a little warmer. Just got back from florida and actually I was looking at buying real estate in the old tampa area. Still considering do so, nevertheless, florida tax was a huge shock to us. I guess you have to pay what you have to pay to live in paradise.

  3. Colorado Real Estate – thanks for stopping by – since we don’t have a state income tax in Florida our property taxes have heavy lifting to do supporting all our infrastructure.

    We do have some property tax reform on the table that would cap property tax a 10% a year if it’s not your primary residence so stay tuned we may have better news for you after January.

    We’ve lived all over before settling here 17 years ago – we find it a great value to be on vacation ALL the time! 🙂 Hope you’ll visit again.

  4. I always love the last seconds of the sunset – you captured a great one here!

  5. I love that photo with the Ibises. We had highs in the low 40’s today. Too cold to jetski not to mention we don’t have the beaches you do 🙂 – Ashley

  6. Paula – thank you – it’s funny to watch it change colors as it goes through the process. It’s one of my favorite parts too – when it gets that last burst!

    Mary – Nope – no bad sunsets – it’s in the Official Tampa Beach Rules – sunsets are sacred 🙂 Ok I have to confess on a rare occasion it rains at sunset time but usually it’s earlier and we do get a good one. Glad you like it – it’s my virtual vacation to you!

  7. I can testify to the sunsets, shared one with Cyndee and her son in November…always beautiful, and it is something we east coasters don’t see unless in Florida.Thanks Cyndee, Thanks Jack, here is to a great 2008. PS Cyndee, the tax comment you made above, could you explain the 10%, that is the max increase, isn’t it? not max rate? Terry McDonald

  8. Enjoyed your photos! In fact, I linked to this post from my Crofton blog today.

  9. Esthetics Lady says:

    This was a really great post, thank you so much for taking the time to put it up! Touched on some very good points. I’ll definately be back soon

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