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Social Media Success Stories in Clearwater Beach FL Real Estate

You may hear a lot about “social media” and wonder what it has to do with buying or selling a Clearwater Beach condo or home in today’s real estate market. We believe social media for Realtors is not optional because today social media for real estate agents has become an extension of what we’ve always done locally, it’s just as likely our first connection will occur online. Those that know us, know we’re very pragmatic, so this is not just a “feel good” series. So what is Social Media?

I like Wikipedia’s definition:

 “Social Media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue ” …and that really is the point isn’t it?

Ideally when we connect online, we will start an interactive dialogue and conversation. It may start with sharing information, activities, photos and more with our friends, family & community but isn’t it all just noise if we’re not moving towards two way communication?  We’ve found since we started them in 2006 our blogs continue to be the hub of our social media activities. They allow us to educate, connect and help Clearwater Beach rela estate buyers and sellers, many of whom then happily share their real estate experiences with others.

This article kicks off our new series where weekly we will discuss some of our socially savvy real estate experiences and success stories. We’ll also share our insights on how using these “web based and mobile technology tools” are currently helping our clients.

The bottom line is social media is here to stay and when you work with a Socially Savvy Realtor(R), we believe you will have a much better real estate experience.

We’re constantly raising the bar as new opportunities become available. An example is the fact that we’ve recently purchased a new state-of-the-art Canon video camcorder like news media professionals use because we are in the process of increasing our use of video on our blogs. Are you surprised to learn that we’re in the minority? A recent Mashable infographic sited that:

  • 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with a Realtor(R) that is willing to do video, but only 12% of the real estate industry current even have a YouTube account and I’ve heard that less than 1% are actually utilizing video in any way today.  In case you’re wondering we’ve had our Youtube channel since 2007 and our we pioneered video testimonials and the first one we did has now been viewed over 9450 times by people just like you.

Here is is..


How Social Media Will  Make Your Real Estate Experience Better

We are looking forward to sharing on a variety of practical ways we’re using Social Media including:

  • How Social Media allows us to be more accessible and transparent to everyone so you know what you see is what you’re getting
  • How Social Media has allowed us to offer you social proof so you can make more informed decisions
  • How we’re helping our clients after the sale using our social media & real estate knowledge and skills
  • How we are able to more effectively and quantifiably market your properties to find the right buyer anywhere in the world
  • How we can offer our community local knowledge and  expertise via our blogs, facebook fan page, youtube channel, twitter stream & more

Connecting Socially Online with your Beach Real Estate Agent

Do you realize how empowered you are today? You have the opportunity to learn a lot about all the best real estate agents, like us, before you choose to hire them. We’d encourage you to take advantage of it. Especially since your investment in real estate is often some of your largest and knowledge is power.  We would love to connect with you here or wherever you’re most comfortable, here’s where you can find us today

So today’s quick tip is to check out this new tool,, that allows us to put all our social media connections in one place and as they say “moving from reactive participation to proactive engagement”.

Of course no sooner than I update it we all know there will be changes. That’s why this tool is so helpful because now all my information is in one place so it’s much easier to keep it updated. For example I can add to it as new opportunities arise like last month when Google launched it’s new Google Plus application.

  • What’s your favorite Social Media tip or tool?

We’d love to have you share it in the comments below and as always if you’ve got any questions about the Clearwater Beach real estate market – we’re happy to help. We love living the Florida Lifestyle and helping others do it to!

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