Buying Clearwater Florida Real Estate? Good Tampa Mortgage News this Week

Clearwater Florida Home Buyers get good Tampa Mortgage News Clearwater Florida – After the recent Government rollout…..Everything old is new again. Conforming Tampa mortgage loans are limited by loan size, based on “typical” housing costs for each area around the country. The current conforming limit on a single-unit property is $417,000. Anything over that is … Continued

How Clearwater Florida Home Buyers Benefit from the Stimulus Package

Clearwater Home Buyers get more Good News Clearwater Florida – Everything going on at the national level also effects people buying real estate in Clearwater Florida – and right now especially Clearwater first-time home buyers. Tuesday the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed into law in Denver, Colorado. Also Tuesday, stock markets fell near their November 2008 lows. … Continued

Clearwater Real Estate Mortgage 101 – Mortgage Rates versus Fees

Low Clearwater Mortgage Rates versus Home Loan Fees Clearwater Florida – Kevin Sandridge shares the difference between Tampa Mortgage Rates and Home Mortgage Fees. “If you’re in the market for piece of Clearwater real estate and are becoming more and more enamored with what are now historically low mortgage rates, please take note:  You can’t always … Continued

Clearwater – Tampa Mortgage Refinance 101 for Home Loans and Mortgages

Clearwater – Tampa Florida Mortgage Refi Guide Clearwater Florida – Today we are happy to have a guest blogger, Kevin Sandridge, one of our favorite Florida Mortgage lenders (and bloggers) to give you his thoughts on refinancing your mortgage.  I think you’ll enjoy Kevin’s thoughts and style – we hope to have him back often. Let us know your thoughts! “OK folks, … Continued