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Clearwater Florida – We work with the best Tampa mortgage lenders to make sure you have access to timely home loan information and expert mortgage advice.

We realize that for those looking to buy Clearwater St Petersburg Tampa real estate you often need to finance this purchase so you can count on us to bring you the latest mortgage news (which applies to mortgages in our 3 county area – Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas County).

In this dynamic real estate market financing options and rates are constantly changing so you will also find information on the latest Tampa Florida mortgage rates, current FHA loan limits, Tampa VA loans, Jumbo Loans for luxury beach properties,  financing options and Foreign National loans (our real estate friends from Canada, the United Kingdom and around the world) and more …This information is constantly changing so our goal is to offer you one-stop to get the latest Tampa Mortgage news below:

 Tampa Mortgage Rate – Lock your loan now – November 19, 2008

Clearwater Florida – Yesterday we shared the new Tampa FHA Loan limits and today Brian Brady, America’s #1 Mortgage Broker give us his latest update on Tampa Mortgage Rates. If you are buying a home in the next 45 days anywhere in the Tampa Bay area including our specialty Clearwater Beach to St Petersburg luxury waterfront and Pinellas beach properties for sale– you’ll want to check this out…(Read Complete article here: Tampa Bay Mortgage Rates November 19th, 2008 Update)

Tampa FHA Loan Limits for 2009 – November 18, 2008

Tampa Florida – It’s that time of year – the new FHA loan limits for 2009 have recently been released. It’s no surprise based on declining values for Tampa homes in 2008 that the FHA will be lowering the Tampa Bay FHA home loan limits Jan 1, 2009.The new FHA loan limit for all Tampa homes for sale will be $271,050 in 2009 which is down from $292,000 we currently have in 2008…  (Read Complete article here: Tampa FHA Home Loan Limits November 18th, 2008 Update) 

Will Feds Cut rate cut help Tampa home buyers get lower Tampa Mortgages Now? – October 31, 2008 –

Tampa Florida – Brian Brady, America’s #1 Mortgage Broker, always keeps his pulse on the mortgage market for us. Today he shared how the latest Fed Cuts will effect those planning to buy Clearwater Tampa Homes. Today that “we analyze mortgage rates by examining the mortgage-backed securities market and its reaction to economic data and events. Today, the Federal Reserve cut the Fed Funds rate to an historical low of 1%…(Read Complete article here: Tampa Mortgage Rates October 31, 2008 Update) 

Tampa Mortgage Rates Rise Friday – October 27, 2008

Tampa Florida – Friday, Tampa mortgage rates jumped from 5.875% to 6.25% as mortgage-backed securities traders joined the world wide sell-off. Global stock markets plunged Friday and the Asian markets were weak for Monday. Investors world wide don’t want to be invested in ANYTHING.

When the world panics, we FLOAT mortgage rates. So, roll the projectors! The movie “Float Club” is playing all week….(Read Complete article here: Tampa Home Loan Rates October 27, 2008 Update).


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