Tampa Bay News – Good Morning…Today – Saturday August 2nd from 11 – Noon what are you doing? Jack and I have been asked to be the guests for this weeks segment of Defending your Dollar. So if you’re anywhere in the Tampa Bay listening area we hope you’ll listen to Defending Your Dollar on AM 1040 (or watching online) and even call in to discuss real estate topics on your mind. We will be discussing issues effecting the Tampa Bay Real Estate market today. The host, Niamh McAnnally asked us to be prepared to discuss the following topics however the best part is you can call in and ask your own questions!

How to call in or watch the Radio Show

Numbers to call to be part of the show:

  • Pinellas & Pasco County 727-577-1040
  • Hillsborough County 813-289-1040
  • Toll Free 877-355-1040

For our readers out of town you can actually watch the show live on internet at http://wwba1040.com

Real Estate Topics for August 2nd

  • What’s the Tampa Bay Real Estate Market Doing Today?
  • What’s the Amendment 5 Property Tax proposal all about?
  • Tips for selling your Tampa Bay home in todays real estate market

We will add some additional info after the show based on your questions and interests as well.

Additional Helpful Resouces

You can get more details on the upcoming Property Tax Amendment 5 at http://giveme5florida.com and http://election.dos.state.fl.us/initiatives/fulltext/pdf/12-6.pdf

If there were questions you had that didn’t get answered or you just thought of you can always call us at (727) 710-8036 or (727) 710-8035, you can leave them in the comments section or if you want your privacy you can use the “contact us” feature and email us your questions. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our site.

Also is there Tampa Bay Real Estate information you’d like us to include? Features? We are constantly working and re-working this site based on what YOU want – since it’s for you!

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  1. Jennifer Steck says:

    Cyndee, That’s great news that both you and Jack are going to be on the radio show. I think people need to know where they stand in hte real estate market. Good luck!

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  3. How cool to be invited on air as guests. That can go a long way for you. I have a friend here in Austin who has a call in to a mortgage show each weekend and he has picked up several investor clients because of it. I wonder if you can do something like that – a regularly scheduled call with a specific topic in mind.

  4. St George Rentals says:

    I think it is good that real estate is getting the people that actually are going through the struggles of buying and selling can actually listen to good advice on the radio.

    Good information and thanks for your blog articles.

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