Treasure Island Fl Beach Parking Issues for Sunset Beach Homes

Treasure Island Fl – We just finished experiencing the height of our Spring Break traffic and even in this economy lots of people came this year, especially from cold winter in places like Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Indiana. We get a lot of people coming to our beaches to escape their freezing temps and piles of snow and have been very busy showing lots of  Treasure Island FL condos.

We love having all the snowbirds and winter visitors in town, especially our vacation home owners, however the downside this time of year is parking becomes an issue, especially for quaint, narrow areas like Sunset Beach on Treasure Island FL.

Over a year ago the local Treasure Island FL government instituted a “one-side of the street” parking policy on Sunset Beach on Saturdays, Sundays and certain holidays from 9am to 6pm,  however now many Treasure Island FL Sunset Beach residents home owners are pushing for permitted parking which would allow only local residents and Sunset Beach house owners to park on their narrow streets.

Why you ask? well when people are parking on the street it often is behind a beach houses driveway and so backing out becomes very difficult. It makes it especially hard to show Treasure Island Fl homes for sale on Sunset Beach on the weekends.

Sunset Beach house owners will continue to work with the city of Treasure Island to see what can be done, however permitting may not be the answer they had hoped for because since Sunset Beach is part of Treasure Island and not a gated community, any permits for residents would have to allow all Treasure Island residents to use those parking spaces so they may find themselves in the same place – having parking issues getting in and out of their Treasure Island Fl condo or house.

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