Who knew Sandpearl Condominium Boat Docks would Cause Tidal Wave of Emotion

Clearwater Beach Florida Sandpearl Condo Boat Docks

Sandpearl Residences will be home to more than luxury condominiums now – Calling all boat lovers – the City of Clearwater voted and having a place to park your boat in Clearwater Beach just got easier.

In my previous article,Sandpearl Luxury Condos are Open, Now Come New Boat Docks on Clearwater Beach – or Do They? I discussed that not all Clearwater and Clearwater Beach Residents agreed with the new proposed Clearwater Beach Boat Docks on Mandalay Ave.

The issue caused a heated discussion at the last City of Clearwater Commission meeting however, the Sandpearl Condominiums and the Sandpearl Resort won out! There are still questions about how this will effect parking on Clearwater Beach.

The good news is that instead of the original 54 boat docks on Clearwater Beach the scaled back plan of 42 new beach boat slips is approved and I believe it’s great news for Tampa Bay boaters.

27 of these boat slips on Clearwater Beach would be for boaters buying condominiums at the luxury development, Sandpearl Residences – Clearwater Beaches newest luxury beach condos. The finalized deal allows the Sandpearl Resort to get 27 boat docks in the Mandalay basin area while they would build 15 more for Public use.

To learn more about Sandpearl Residence – Luxury Beach Condos and Resort check out this article:

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