Why A Clearwater Beach Short Sales May Save Your Credit

Clearwater Beach Florida – If you are behind in the mortgage payments on any  Clearwater Beach Real Estate, then call us today to list and sell your Tampa Bay / Clearwater area property. We will work with you and your mortgage company or bank to get your Clearwater Beach real estate sold and work to keep your credit in tact with a short sale.

Don’t let this be you… we can help!

We are Clearwater Beach short sale agents who work with an attorney and a title company to expedite the sale of your property whether it’s a home or condo for sale, so you may move on with your life.

If you are not familiar with a short sale, then here is a brief description to help you understand what we do for you, we list your property when the outstanding loan balance on the property is larger than what your Tampa bay home will appraise for so it’s also more than it can sell for in today’s Clearwater Beach real estate market . This process is better for you than the foreclosure process which will ruin your credit for years.

In addition, the short sale helps the bank because we will save the cost of an expensive foreclosure process. The banks understand the short sale process and are more than willing to work with us, so it is a win-win situation.

In summary, if you are behind in your mortgage payments, have been served with a foreclosure notice, or the bank has complained by writing a foreclosure warning you must act quickly to save your credit.

For more info on Selling your Tampa Bay Home and understanding your options. Call me today at 727-422-8901 and get a Free consultation and we’ll explain how the process works and why recent laws work in your favor.

Jack & Cyndee Haydon

Clearwater Beach Real Estate agents

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  1. Brandon FL Real Estate says:

    This is a terrific post Jack and Cyndee! Short sale is a much better option than foreclosure. SAVE YOUR CREDIT – Call Jack and Cyndee and GET IT DONE!!

  2. Dennis Blackmore says:

    Great article…………avoid foreclosure at all costs……….requires much more stringent guidelines to get another home in the future through Fannie and Freddie…..saw some where you may have to wait five years to repurchase with very good credit score.

  3. A short sale is something that requires an experienced agent who is familiar with the process. Buyers who are looking at the prospects of foreclosre should contact an agent who specializes in short sales like Jack and Cyndee. Get professional advice before you get any deeper into the process.

  4. A short sale doesn’t ding your credit as badly as a foreclosure and you no longer take as big a hit with federal income tax.

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