Clearwater Beach Florida Sunset Series

I’m breaking all the rules this week since this week’s sunset is found south of Clearwater Beach FL in Tierra Verde Florida and Ft Desoto Park. We’ve even included a video to help share the experience this week. So next week we’ll be back to normal with a sunset quote and the spotlight on one special sunset.

We got to take time off this past week from selling homes and condos on Clearwater Beach Florida to go tent camping in Tierra Verde with my parents who came down from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to spend some quality time with my family and be here to celebrate some family birthdays.

Jack was a trooper and was running back and forth between the campsite and Clearwater Beach since we had clients visiting from Massachusetts along with several buyers working towards closing on their homes for Christmas.

We sometimes forget how lucky we are to be able to do “tent camping” along the Gulf beaches near Clearwater for a variety of reasons. First, it’s such comfortable weather it was in the 80’s all week; Second, it’s a bargain when you consider it costs less than $40 per night with electricity, running water, clean and safe facilities and more; Third, it’s truly a piece of waterfront paradise on the Gulf of Mexico.

The best part of camping around Clearwater FL in the winter (ok actually there is one more week of fall left but don’t tell my friends up north) is you get to experience the best parts of Pinellas County Gulf beach living without having to travel very far.

You can go fishing from the park seawall or the gulf of mexico pier; birdwatching along the Great Florida Bird Trail, collecting sand dollars and shelling along the beach, biking through the trails, and just hanging out relaxing in the hammocks – ending each day watching the sun dip below the water with the promise of another beautiful day tomorrow.

If you have a sunset you want to share just email it to me at

Clearwater Beach Real Estate Agents Favorite Florida Sunset from week Camping

Thanks for allowing me to share a little about the fun we have living in Clearwater Florida and our extensive parks and recreation system in Pinellas County that we feel justified in bragging about.

As the sunset on our week of old fashion family fun at Ft Desoto Park – it was great to experience a week with no gameboys, no TV’s just serene walks, personal talks and hanging out in the hammocks.

I thought you’d get a kick seeing our youngest enjoy sleeping under the Florida stars in shorts – we definitely had perfect Clearwater winter weather.

This is the picture I’ll carry in my mind of “total relaxation and comfort” – isn’t that what we all are looking for. Not to worry, we’ve got lots of great outdoor retreats here in and around Clearwater Florida. We look forward to sharing more special sunsets from our piece of paradise.

Wishing you a great upcoming week – remember not to get too hurried with all the holiday hustle and bustle to enjoy some old fashion fun with your family and friends.

From our family to your’s have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Gotta a local sunset – won’t you share?

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  1. DeSoto in December,only in Tampa Bay –no wonder the Canadians are coming…Terry McDonald

  2. Those are some incredible sunset pictures. I’m glad there are great places to camp in in Tampa Bay. In Pensacola our best beach campground is inaccessible due to damage to the access road to the campground. I hope your real estate clients had a great camping experience. Nothing like camping in Florida in the winter time. I spent the last week in Orlando and the weather was beautiful.

  3. Terry – we are finding lots of beach condo buyers coming from Canada and places north! 🙂

    Karl – it is such a treasure – and to think it’s in our own backyard. Glad you have fun in Orlando -that’s a magical place as well. 🙂

  4. Glad you and your family got to take some time off this past week from selling homes and condos to enjoy Camping, fishing and shelling sounds like fun! I bet your parents appreciated the beautiful weather and sunsets at Ft Desoto Park.

  5. Janis – we had such a great time and as you can see the kids played till they pooped out!! It’s really interesting to step away from technology and camping almost off the grid 🙂 – gotta say it’s comforting to know it just feels remote but it isn’t! We’re back to selling homes this week – have several in the works and trying to help Santa with his wish list 🙂

  6. It sounds like you all have it all. Close enough for Jack to run between Clearwater and all the outdoor fun you could want! Camping in the winter in Florida is sure different than here . Shorts would not be an option! – Ashley

  7. Cyndee- As I sit here freezing with a blanket on my lap, watching the rain hit the windows, I find myself in awe that you had 80 degree weather, hammocks and a beach near Clearwater! I’m glad you enjoyed some time off 🙂

  8. Ashley – we are fortunate to live so close to places people only get to enjoy 2 weeks a year. The beaches, Disney, the Cape Canaveral Space Center and so much more. It makes weekend getaways a reality and I won’t even tell you the discounts they give Floridians. I can’t wait till you come visit sometime! Plus many of us believe the Natural Florida – is the best hangout of all!

    Sandi – Well we got a little cold snap but I gotta tell you it’s been gorgeous and glad you can enjoy it vicariously! 🙂 Maybe we’ll have to do a Girlfriends guide to Getaways 🙂

  9. Cyndee – You do have a hammock! So good to see you taking time off and enjoying yourself at the Clearwater beaches and leave Jack to worry about the real estate.

  10. Paula – I don’t have “1” – we have 3 go anywhere, hang anywhere hammocks – they’re divine – see I’m a good hostess – always room in the hammocks for friends! Anytime you want there’s one with your name on it.

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  12. I’ve camped in Clearwater, not on the beach but we went there. Absolutely beautiful place, my favorite in all of FL.

  13. We love to have people share articles from our blog with proper credit back to us – email me at cyndee at sandbarstosunsets dot com if you’d like to discuss it. 🙂 thanks for visiting

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  15. Stacey Soleil says:

    I want to camp here!!!

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