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Clearwater Beach Florida | Just for Fun the Day after Christmas

Clearwater Beach Florida – Recovering from Christmas Clearwater Beach FL – Okay, it a holiday week and still recovering from our Christmas meals. If you’re like me it’s time for some fun. Check out these brain teasers (answers are at the end if you need them)…. Clearwater Beach Florida – Brain Teasers 1. Where is the American

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Clearwater Beach FLorida | Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Just a quick wish from Clearwater Beach Florida, from our whole family to yours..   Fondly Cyndee, Jack, Sean and Alex Haydon Want more info on Clearwater Beach Real Estate? Search the Clearwater Beach MLS multiple listings of all properties including all waterfront Clearwater Beach homes for sale and beachfront condos in Clearwater. Tags: clearwater+beach+florida, merry+christmas+clearwater+florida

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Clearwater Beach Florida News | Clearwater 78 – Portland 19

Clearwater Beach Florida –  Clearwater 78 – Portland 19. No, this is not a basketball or football score – LOL – it is the forecasted high temperature for December 24, 2007. As you can imagine, we are wearing shorts, tee-shirts, flip-flops, and drinking margaritas on our boats AGAIN today – HOHUM, and most of the folks

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