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Clearwater Florida –  As you know we wrote last year about the need to pass the proposed Florida property tax amendment that would in my opinion have protected people buying Clearwater Beach condos or vacation homes. Many 2nd home buyers now worry about feeling the squeeze of property taxes as the Clearwater real estate markets improve.

For those who want to buy a little piece of Florida paradise and enjoy it for many years to come – they don’t want to hear anyone say a few years from now, “Well the good news is, it’s worth more if you sell it.” They tell me they want to know they can afford to keep that special family beach house or retirement home and even dream of passing it down to their children.

In addition, I still think what happened to Florida business owners during the boom of 2004-2006, especially those Clearwater Beach Mom and Pop motels along our beaches (as well as all 26 miles of our beaches for that matter) by calculating their property taxes based on “highest and best use” was awful and amounted to basically a way to force them to sell and we are all worse off for it.

I don’t think that it was fair but after 24 years of my husband constantly reminding me that “fair is a place you take your pigs” I realize my passion for the individual, small business person is personal and some may say even a little naive.  Well so be it, I do believe people who want to sell should be able to sell and  those that don’t want to sell –  shouldn’t be basically forced too. Their businesses could never generate the income needed to pay the proposed taxes and there was no solution but to sell. This is a problem and many people have been fighting hard to see things changed.

So in a time when our best mortgage borrowers are being hit with Jumbo rates which can be basically conventional rates plus 2% and luxury beach property values are down and not get stabalized, I believe we need to make it more attractive to those who are ready willing and able to purchase to do so.

Well when I just got this early recap from the Florida Association of Realtors® I was thrilled to say the least and just had to share…as we finish the first day of May at 10pm tonight the may be good news on the horizon. Here’s their End of Session recap – maybe the peoples voices are being heard – What do you think about these proposals? …

Those that Own Homes in Clearwater or Clearwater Beach Florida may soon be happier

“The House and Senate have completed their 60th day of the 2009 legislative session. This is the day the Legislature should be adjourning “Sine Die.”  However, as you have likely heard, the 2009 regular session of the Florida Legislature has been extended for a full week to finalize the budget.  While the session was extended to next week, today still has that “last-day-of-session feel,” since all non-budget legislation had to be considered for final passage today if it was going to have a chance of becoming law.

And, it has been an amazing day in Tallahassee for Clearwater Realtors® and all Florida Realtors® for that matter, as most of FAR’s 2009 legislative initiatives ended in victory.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment would help Vacation Home Owners as well as Real Estate Investors in Clearwater FL

One of the final bills considered tonight was SJR 532. This constitutional amendment will:

  1. Ask voters to limit increases in property tax assessments on all non-homestead properties to 5 percent annually. (Remember this was pulled from the ballot last year by a Leon County Circuit Judge so let’s hope this year goes better – read more..Pinellas County Real Estate Today Loses Chance to Cut Property Taxes by up to 32%)
  2. First-time homebuyers in Pinellas County and around Florida could benefit, too, with an additional homestead exemption up to $100,000 on their first home.

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More Good News Regarding Property Tax Assessment and Capping Home Insurance Rates?

  • HB 521, is the bill that puts the burden of proving that a property tax assessment is correct on the appraiser, not the property owner, also passed both chambers and heads to the Governor. Who doesn’t think this is a good idea?
  • In the area of property insurance, the Legislature capped rate increases at 10 percent per year for Citizens policyholders (HB 1495). The Legislature also repealed the requirement that, effective Jan. 1, 2010, sellers of property located in a wind-borne debris region, and which has an insured value on the structure of $500,000 or more, provide prospective buyers the structure’s windstorm mitigation rating.
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  • The growth management bill (SB 360) we supported passed as a big package. It includes a provision to encourage urban infill by eliminating transportation concurrency, one that allows for expedited comprehensive plan reviews and another that eliminates the development of regional impact process (DRIs) in urban areas. The bill also extends previously obtained permits and approvals by two years, creates a transition process for moving towards a mobility fee system, and streamlines and reduces inefficiency in our approach to growth management.
  • Also, it appears that when theFlorida legislative budget is finalized next week, we’ll have $30 million for downpayment assistance to help “front load” the federal first-time homebuyer tax credit.” – now if we can just get the banks to give a thumbs up or down to all the short sales on their desks we’d be golden!! We are seeing lots of willing buyers and sellers – but with 80% of home sellers owing more than their homes will appraise for today we’re all feeling the bottleneck of the banks.

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