Clearwater Florida For Sale By Owners doing Short Sale

Clearwater Florida
– I had a gentleman call recently telling me that he planned sell his Clearwater home by himself; that he would negotiate with the bank on this Clearwater Florida real estate short sale (when you owe more money than you can sell your home for); and that he did not need an real estate attorney to advise him on his options or handle the paperwork. I wish him good luck!

However, if you are like most people trying to sell your Clearwater home today:

  • you do not have a law degree,
  • your are not a trained title agent,
  • you are not a trained and skilled Realtor…

add to that…only 15% of Tampa Bay homes for sale are actually sold For Sale By Owner.

We advertise our Clearwater Florida Real Estate listings all over the internet, so when list Clearwater homes for sale they will be seen by millions of interested real estate buyers, so check our customer testimonials and you will see that we are focused on our customers.

If you are facing a short sale or foreclosure, don’t try to sell your home by yourself. Let’s discuss how we can help you.

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  1. Don’t try to do it on your own! There’s too much that can go wrong and the transactions are too complex. I find it a struggle every day to keep them together all the way to closing, so I know that non professional Realtors struggle with how to do this on their own. In our market, there is such a small % chance to sell a home in any given month (less than 10% last month) so you need everything possible to be just right to be one of those few!

  2. Good points Cyndee. Maximum exposure is key in this market, not to mention professional help with a difficult transaction such as a short sale.

  3. I can’t imagine a homeowner trying to sell a short sale on their own. That spells immediate trouble! Having a good Realtor and attorney in your corner is vital when dealing with a short sale.

  4. Cyndee,
    People are so unprepared for “short sales” (should be called…short on money and takes forever for the lender to decide on contracts type sales…). Hopefully we can work our way out these sales this year???

  5. Cyndee,
    FSBO short sale? Too many agents can’t even get them through, not sure why on earth an owner would try to tackle something like this on their own.

    I/we even quit working on them in my area, after waiting for months for an answer only about 8-12% of them even work out in my market area of So Cal.

  6. Shell Smith says:

    Selling your home on your own in this day would be a HUGE mistake. I personally have been looking for real estate in Florida online. I think most people in this day and age look for agent, or online. I also think it would be way to stressful making sure you have your bases covered. I agree with Milford MA Real Estate – you need help in your corner.

  7. Not a good move. Selling a short sale takes a LOT of extra work. Perhaps the seller has nothing else to do, than it might work, but it will need to be almost a full time job to get up to speed on the process and then successfully navigate a short sale.

  8. It can be tough enough trying jsut to sell your home on your own but then tryind to do it a a “short Sale” makes it much more difficult. Looks like they should hire a professional.

  9. Yes, technically it is possible to sell short representing yourself and you are saving the LENDER a commission. However, it is risky and this owner will have to do a lot of extra work on their own. Additionally, if the person does not have a lawyer involved or know real estate law, don’t expect a guaranteed court outcome if an issue were to arise.

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